NTCA to Congress: We're Encouraged by Joint Board USF Proposal

December 13, 2007, Arlington, Va. - In a letter to members of Congress, the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) said it is encouraged by the recent recommended decision by the Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service which contains many of NTCA's consumer-oriented reform recommendations.

In the letter, NTCA Vice President, Government Affairs Tom Wacker noted "several aspects of the Joint Board's reform plan are significant from the perspective of rural consumers and the providers that serve them-notably the endorsement of the continuation of the embedded cost methodology for rural incumbents. its elimination of the identical support rule. its ongoing interest in controlling CETC high-cost USF support and its proposal to extend broadband to unserved areas." 

NTCA said it welcomes the opportunity to build on the recommendations of the Joint Board, and ultimately bring about meaningful universal serviceContact Caitlin Colligan at 703-351-2086 reform that will help sustain the program to meet future consumer needs.

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