July 20, 2009 - NTCA Provides Rural Perspective to New FCC Chairman

Arlington, Va., July 20, 2009 - Representatives from the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) participated in a special meeting with new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski at the FCC offices today.  This is the first meeting with outside organizations held by the new chairman to collect input and insight.

NTCA and several consumer groups were invited to personally greet the chairman and provide ideas for ensuring that "ordinary Americans" have access to telecommunications services.  Chairman Genachowski stated that there were two primary areas that he wanted to focus on:  1) to collect ideas for making a difference in the lives of ordinary Americans and 2) create more opportunity for participation.  He added that for the latter item, the FCC would be holding two dozen public workshops on broadband in August.  Chairman Genachowski said, "The consumer agenda is very important to me."

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NTCA Director of Industry Affairs Scott Reiter noted that NTCA serves ordinary Americans every day.  He noted that while market failures are a reality of rural areas, the NTCA members are usually the only companies willing to serve them. He added that while some areas will never have competition because they are not profitable, rural telecommunications providers are dedicated to serving those markets. 


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