Volume 12, Number 29, August 3, 2009 - Clearwire to Launch WiMAX in 10 Markets September 1

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Volume 12, Number 29, August 3, 2009

Clearwire to Launch WiMAX in 10 Markets September 1

YouTube Takes on Local News

Microsoft and Yahoo Join Forces against Google

Pew: Online Video Watching Nearly Doubles Since ’06

...And last but not least, our tech VOTW

Clearwire to Launch WiMAX in 10 Markets September 1

Clearwire announced today that it will launch its CLEAR 4G mobile broadband service in 10 markets on September 1: Boise, Idaho; Bellingham, Wash.; and eight markets throughout Texas, including Abilene, Amarillo, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, Killeen/Temple, Waco and Wichita Falls. Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Honolulu, Philadelphia and Seattle also will launch in 2009.

It's been a little more than a year since the Clearwire partnership was first announced, and more than six months since the first cities were launched.

To date, Clearwire offers WiMAX service in four markets: Portland, Atlanta, Baltimore and Las Vegas. The company says it's on track to launch in 80 markets, covering 120 people, by the end of 2010, which gives the company a little more than 17 months to make good on its promises, and pacify its investors.

As part of the venture, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks have agreed to resell the mobile broadband service under their own brand names. Last month "Comcast High Speed 2go" launched in Portland, and expanded into the Atlanta market last week. Also late last week, Time Warner Cable confirmed its plans to launch in four U.S. markets, including Dallas and Charlotte, N.C., by the end of this year.

Read Clearwire's release.

YouTube Takes on Local News

YouTube is attempting to revolutionize local news with News Near You, a feature that senses a user's location and offers a list of relevant videos. In time, it could essentially engineer a local newscast on the fly.

YouTube is attempting to partner with news sources, a new, as of yet untested and unproven strategy. This summer, YouTube invited the more than 25,000 news sources listed on Google News to become video suppliers. To date, nearly 200 news outlets have signed up with YouTube to post news packages and split the advertising revenue.

The News Near You module uses the IP address of a visitor's computer to determine the user's location and whether any partners are located within a 100-mile radius. Seven days of local videos are then displayed.

News Near You, started in the spring, is only part of YouTube's push into news video. The site also is promoting videos from ABC News, The Associated Press, Reuters and other media outlets.

YouTube has instant name recognition and a built in audience; the site is visited by 100 million Americans each month. Further, the backing of Internet Giant Google makes it a powerful force for promotion, as well as a potential threat to entrenched media companies. In case you have not noticed, Google searches now show YouTube videos alongside news articles, helping the videos reach a wider audience.

The New York Times profiles YouTube.

Microsoft and Yahoo Join Forces against Google

Microsoft and Yahoo struck a long-anticipated search deal last Wednesday under which Microsoft's Bing search engine will power Yahoo's search, and Yahoo will sell premium search advertising services for both companies.

The 10-year deal, which applies only to search, provides Microsoft will have an exclusive license to Yahoo's core search technologies, as well as the ability to integrate them into Bing. Of note, Yahoo will maintain its own brand on its owned-and-operated search pages; Bing will be listed on those pages as having "powered" Yahoo’s search results. Further, both companies also will continue to be managed separately, maintaining distinct display ad sales teams.

The partnership is an attempt to provide the two companies with leverage against search giant Google, which far and away leads the market in Internet searches, and, as a result, search-driven advertising revenues; Google accounted for 65% of Internet searches in recent months.

As part of the deal, Yahoo also will receive a consistent new revenue stream. For the first five years, Yahoo will enjoy 88% of search revenue generated on its own sites. Yahoo expects the agreement will generate about $500 million in operating income and a savings of about $200 million in capital expenditures. Further, as you may remember, just two months ago Microsoft revamped its search engine and re-launched it as Bing (see the June 1, 2009, issue.) Bing has received positive reviews in the marketplace and has been taking market share from Yahoo's search engine.

So it's clear that Yahoo will benefit from this exposure, but what about Microsoft? Well Yahoo has a larger network of advertisers, a network which Microsoft now will have access to.

"Through this agreement with Yahoo!, we will create more innovation in search, better value for advertisers and real consumer choice in a market currently dominated by a single company," said Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer.

The transaction is subject to regulatory review. The companies hope it will close in early 2010.

Read more in the press release.

Pew: Online Video Watching Nearly Doubles Since ’06

In a sign of the growing popularity of Web videos, 62% of adult internet users have watched a video online, up from just 33% who reported this in December 2006.

Further, online video watching among young adults is near-universal; nine in ten (89%) internet users ages 18-29 now say they watch content on video sharing sites, and 36% do so on a typical day. And when you take into account all age groups, 19% of internet users say they use video sharing sites on a typical day. In comparison, just 8% of internet users reported use of the sites on a typical day in 2006.

According to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, the April 2009 survey findings, "illustrate the pervasiveness of online video and mark an important moment in the evolution of America’s television and movie viewing habits."

Currently, online video watching outranks social networking (46%), podcast downloading (19%) and the use of status updating sites like Twitter (11%).

Straight from the horse's mouth, read more about the Pew study.

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And, last but not least, our tech VOTW, sponsored by ViodiTV: Hope for a Digital Media Distribution Standard.

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eShowcase Webcast August 5: The Latest on NRTC's WiMAX Offering through DigitalBridge
Earlier this year, NRTC announced a strategic partnership with DigitalBridge, a WiMAX provider currently offering broadband service in 15 markets. During this webcast, NRTC and DigitalBridge staff will provide a technology overview and an update on their deployment efforts in member markets. They also will discuss things they’ve learned that could help telephone members evaluating this product as well as exciting new applications for telephone members. Attend this free eShowcase webcast, sponsored by NRTC, August 5, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. This webcast is open to all members. There is no cost to participate and no pre-registration is required. Learn more.

Webcast August 19: Advancing Big Broadband in the USA
One of the most daunting decisions in preparing for new IP revenue streams is how to build out your network. FTTH proponents suggest fiber is the only way to go, while others still see a future in utilizing copper plant. This webcast features a panel discussion. Our panel will focus on network evolution and will suggest strategies for your consideration. Attend this free eShowcase webcast, sponsored by NTCA, August 19, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. This webcast is open to all members. There is no cost to participate and no pre-registration is required. Learn more.

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