NTCA Responds to ACA Paper on Consumer Harms of Comcast-NBU Merger

Arlington, Va., (November 8, 2010) - NTCA Senior Vice President for Policy Michael Romano issued the following statement in response to today's release by the American Cable Association of the economic study of the consumer harm that will result from the Comcast-NBCU transaction:

"This paper underscores the need for the FCC to place appropriate conditions on the Comcast-NBCU merger to protect rural companies and the consumers they serve. For these telcos, the overhead for providing video service is so high and margins so slim-with the cost of programming being one of the largest expenses-that any increase in programming costs, whether for the programming itself or in the form of forced bundling, may discourage some from entering the business, or even force some out of the market entirely.

"NTCA supports ACA's proposed conditions, but we believe additional conditions for small companies serving rural areas are appropriate."


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