NTCA: USDA NBP Comments to FCC Highlight Potential Harm to Rural Small Businesses

Arlington, Va., (November 9, 2010) - NTCA CEO Shirley Bloomfield issued the following statement in response to today's announcement by the USDA that it submitted comments to the FCC regarding the National Broadband Plan.

"NTCA and its more than 580 members are gratified the USDA and its Rural Utilities Service (RUS) have formally expressed their views to the FCC regarding the National Broadband Plan (NBP). Their efforts help ensure the FCC is fully aware of the impact the NBP could have on the ability of rural small business entrepreneurs to recover their costs-and by extension to repay their RUS debts. The USDA's decision to weigh in on the matter highlights the need for the FCC to address some of the more troubling elements of the NBP, to ensure that robust broadband becomes and remains a reality for rural America."


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