September 22, 2010 - Wednesday at Fall Conference: Motivation and Memories

Photo of Sandy Vandevender The NTCA 2010 Fall Conference concluded Wednesday with a Closing General Session highlighted by awards, motivational speakers, and a panel discussion. NTCA Vice President Sandy Vandevender presided over the session and introduced the day's program.

Photo of award presentation
The session kicked off as Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) President Tom Conry and FRS Executive Director Elizabeth Crocker presented the Community Development Award to Highland Telephone Cooperative in Monterey, VA for its great work in the Monterey area.

Photos of Alan Parisse
Following the award presentation, keynote speaker Alan Parisse implored the audience to let the current times be the dawn of a new era, and not the twilight of the current one. Parisse used real-world examples and clever anecdotes to convey his message that the problems we make for ourselves are often much worse than the problems we already have. Parisee also asked the audience to strive toward customer need-driven growth, citing companies such as Apple and its "I" products.


Next, a panel discussion was held featuring representatives of four rural state telecommunications associations. The panelists Photo of panelvoiced common issues, such as state governments competing Photo of panelwith private industry, and VOIP providers not contributing to USF. The panelists also shared innovative ways in which their states are moving forward and dealing with the FCC's national broadband plan.



Later, motivational speaker and humorist John Powers delighted the crowd with his energetic blend of jokes and inspirationalPhoto of speaker stories. Powers explained the benefits of investing one's intelligence, passion, and love into his/her Photo of speakercareer instead of putting time into one's work. Powers stressed the audience to live with passion, and to always be improving in some facet in your life.




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