FCC Takes Positive Steps with Revisions to USF/ICC Waiver Process, Reporting Requirements

Contact: Laura Withers, 703-351-2086, lwithers@ntca.org
Wendy Mann, 703-351-2087, wmann@ntca.org

November 19, 2012

Background: The FCC on November 16 issued an order reconsidering the process for seeking a waiver of last year’s USF/ICC order limiting universal service support for some rural telcos. Another move by the FCC made changes to financial reporting requirements for telcos.

The following statement is from NTCA Senior Vice President of Policy Michael Romano:

“For months now, NTCA has pressed for less burdensome waiver processes with standards that more faithfully tie back to the universal service principles in federal law, and for more rational financial reporting requirements that do not impose massive audit costs or public company levels of disclosure on small private businesses. These were common-sense changes that needed to be made, and while there’s more to be done, we’re pleased that the FCC took these positive steps.”


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