2018 Expo Pricing & Info


Your exhibit space includes:

  • Your company name, Web address and company description on the RTIME app.
  • A final attendee list post-event.
  • The exhibitor/telco executive luncheon.
  • Opportunity to participate in prize drawings to generate booth traffic.
  • First-come, first-served exhibitor presentation opportunities.
  • Two complimentary conference registrations for every 10 x 10 space.
    Each additional booth staff is $400.
  • 24-hour security in the exhibit hall.
  • Your booth purchase includes a booth identification sign and back and side wall drape. It does not include furniture or carpet. Those purchases are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Exhibit Space Cost

The cost for booth space remains one of the best bargains in the industry.


(thru 11/17/17)

(after 11/17/17)






10' x 10' $2,650 $3,200 $2,900 $3,400
10' x 20' $4,400 $5,500 $4,900 $5,900
10' x 30' $6,150 $7,800 $6,900 $8,400
20' x 20' $7,900 $10,100 $8,900 $10,900



(thru 12/15/17)

(thru 1/12/18)


Included Personnel with Booths (two/booth) $0 $0 $0
Additional Exhibitor Personnel $400 $450 $500
Includes a full conference registration


Exhibit Facilities

The expo will be held in Exhibit Hall 4 of the Austin Convention Center. Download rules and regulations.

Cancellation Policy

In order to receive a full refund of a booth purchase, NTCA must receive a written letter requesting a cancellation. This letter must be received by Friday, November 17, 2017. There will be no booth refunds after November 17. Notice of cancellation should be emailed to Laura Romaine at lromaine@ntca.org.

Assignment of Space

Booth spaces for 2018 are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The buying process has changed this year. Review these instructions to ensure you are ready when booth sales open.

Exhibitor Housing

You will be notified when housing is available.

Service Information

All decorator services will be available through Freeman Decorating. An online service kit complete with shipping instructions and information regarding booth furnishings, carpet rentals, utilities, freight handling, etc., will be emailed in November.

For More Information

Event and booth space information: Contact Member Services, (703) 351-2118.

Sponsors and advertising information: Contact Michele Coleman, manager, associate engagement, (703) 351-2089.



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