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CEO Roundtables

Join CEOs and other executives from firms nationwide for an exclusive and interactive discussion of best practices and business issues. Telco's of all sizes will get together for interactive C-level discussions. Each roundtable, based on company size, is moderated by a telco CEO or general manager. Learn how your peers are challenging their teams to perform and what they are doing to grow revenues.

• Smaller Companies 15 or fewer employees
• Mid-Sized Companies 16-40 employees
• Larger Companies 41-100 employees
• Largest Companies over 100 employees

New Director/First-Time Attendees

Join other new- and nearly-new directors for an open information exchange.

Smart Agriculture

Discuss the intersection of smart agriculture and robust broadband, and find out what does broadband bring to farms near you.

Disruption in Healthcare

Besides rural broadband, the other hot policy topic of the day is rural healthcare. Discuss how telehealth is closing the gaps in your territory.

Having Depth at the Bench

Where do you fit in with innovation and resilience? Discuss long-range considerations when leadership changes occur. Whether it is a software transition, a culture change, staffing changes, or a new General Manager, share your company initiatives that gained support, and paid off.

Board Ethics for Everyone

It's always important to revisit board ethics to make sure you are doing all the right things. Be prepared to share your efforts that keep boards ethical.

Your Tech-Savvy Board

The ever-changing landscape of products and services is enough to challenge any Board member. How does your company keep everyone abreast of the products and services that the company offers now and in the near-future?



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