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NTCA Strategic Plan — 2012-2015

Mission: Our Core Purpose

NTCA's mission is to advance communications services to rural America by ensuring the viability and vitality of our members.

Vision: Our Picture of the Ideal Future

To be widely recognized as the premier national advocate and essential partner for small, rural, community-based communications providers.

Core Values: Our Guiding Principles

NTCA is committed to a culture of trust, respect, support, collaboration, communication and innovation. We are dedicated to forging industry partnerships and outreach to government agencies and related organizations to advance our mission. We will deliver exceptional service to every member, every time.

Goals: Outcomes on the Path to Achieving Our Vision


  • Be a powerful voice in influencing legislative,
    judicial and regulatory decisions by seeking
    ways to increase awareness and involvement.


  • Prepare rural telecommunications directors,
    general managers and key employees to
    achieve success in the rapidly-changing
    business environment by providing pertinent,
    compelling, quality educational and business
    development, and networking opportunities.


  • Encourage membership of rural
    telecommunications providers, their affiliated
    entities, associate members and related


  • Collaborate with other entities to identify
    opportunities that promote economic growth
    and stability of members and rural America.


  • Deliver a flexible, cost-effective benefits


  • Ensure financial sustainability and optimize
    efficiency to thrive in a rapidly-changing environment.