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Today, there are nearly 900 rural broadband providers across the country working hard every day so that millions of households and businesses in the most sparsely populated pockets of the country benefit and share in the prosperity that comes with modern telecommunications technology.

Rural communities trust us – their community-based telecommunications providers – because we’ve been successfully providing advanced telecommunications and technology services to them exclusively for more than six decades.

Rural Broadband: Laying the Groundwork for Innovation in Rural America

For more than 60 years, we’ve gone above and beyond to build the infrastructure that allows our country’s most rural markets to access the same high-speed Internet, video and voice services found in our nation’s largest cities.

Delivering technologies that make rural markets vibrant places to live, work, raise a family, create a thriving small business and enjoy the golden years is what we’re all about. It’s what inspires us to foster innovative solutions for education, health care, public safety, civic engagement and commerce for the benefit of the entire nation.

  • NTCA’s membership is made up of nearly 900 independent telecommunications and broadband providers.
  • NTCA members serve 4 million customers in the rural populations of 46 states covering over 40% of the nation’s landmass.
  • On average, NTCA member companies’ customer density is approximately seven subscribers per square mile.

Rural Broadband: Advancing the Promise and Opportunity of Modern Technology

With decades of leadership driving progress and growth in rural markets long ago left behind by the large telecommunications companies, we are the perfect partner to advance the promise and opportunity that technology can deliver to rural America.

Together, we are developing customized learning environments, dynamic healthcare infrastructure, next generation public safety and precision farming solutions. These community-based solutions give rural markets access to the best the world has to offer in education, health care and business. Without access to modern technology, many of these high-cost, hard-to-reach markets simply could not thrive economically.

  • NTCA member companies currently deploy broadband services to 96% of K–12 schools in their service areas and 98% of public libraries.
  • NTCA members offer an average maximum speed of 435 Mbps down and 62 Mbps up to schools, and an average of 296 Mbps down and 47 Mbps up to public libraries.

Rural Broadband: Moving Rural America Forward

Rural broadband providers have been moving rural communities forward for decades. These rural markets now rely on us not only to meet today’s demand for modern telecommunications technology but to plan for the future so that rural communities are not left behind. Without us, many of these hard-to-serve rural markets would not have access to essential telecommunications services.

  • One hundred percent of respondents to a 2013 NTCA survey offer broadband to their customer bases, compared with 58% of respondents in 2000.
  • Nearly two-thirds of NTCA members provide broadband services at speeds of more than 10 Mbps, well above the FCC’s current speed requirements for basic broadband.
  • In addition broadband and voice services, more than three-quarters of NTCA members offer video services to their customers, including IP-based television services and traditional cable TV, and 60% provide wireless communications service.

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