2008 Filings

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12.10.08 Comments re South Slope Petition to be Designated an ILEC in Three Iowa Exchanges
12.22.08 Reply Comments re ICC and USF FNPRM
12.02.08 Comments re Spectrum Aggregation
11.26.08 Comments re ICC and USF FNPRM
11.13.08 Comments re USF Management, Admin., & Oversight
10.30.08 LNP-Reply Brief , NTCA v. FCC, USCA, DCC, No. 08-1071
10.27.08 Reply Comments re FY 2008 Regulatory Fees
10.17.08 Additional Comments Opposing Verizon's Proposal
10.06.08 Comments re Wireless E911 Phase II Location Accuracy Requirements;
09.19.08 Comments re Yukon's Petition for Waiver-Reporting Requirements
09.17.08 Repy Comments in Support of Mid-Com's Petition
09.16.08 Associations' Reply re Retransmission of Digital Broadcast Signals (Copyright Office)
08.29.08 Petition for Waiver re USF Audits
08.15.08 LNP Brief- NTCA v. FCC, USCA, D.C. Cir., No 08-1071
08.12.08 Comments re ATT Interm Access Charge Petition
08.11.08 Petition to Deny re Merger
08.01.08 Comments on Broadband Availability Mapping (Section IV (B))
07.25.08 Comments re Service Rules For Advanced Wireless Services
07.24.08 Comments in support of RTG extension
07.11.08 NTCA's Interim USF & IC Reform Plan
07.02.08 Supports T-Mobile Request to File An Extension re AWS
06.27.08 Joint Comments re DTV Consumer Education Initiative
06.09.08 Joint Reply Comments re Vermont Petition-VoIP Interconnection
06.05.08 Comments re NFL Program Carriage Complaint
06.03.08 JT Brief of Intervenors - Core's Forbearance Pet. USCA (DC Cir) 07-1381
06.02.08 Reply Comments re Comprehensive Long-Term USF Reform
05.27.08 Comments re Antenna Structure Registration
05.22.08 Comments re Hearing-Aid Compatibility
05.19.08 Comments re Vermont Petition-VoIP Interconnection
04.22.08 Reply Comments re Pole Attachments
04.21.08 Reply Comments re LNP
04.17.08 Comments re Comprehensive Long-Term USF Reform
03.26.08 Comments re CMRS Market Competition
03.14.08 Associations' Reply Comments re Petition to Forebear
03.11.08 NTCA Reply to FCC Opposition - LNP
03.07.08 Comments re Pole Attachments
03.05.08 Comments re Hawaiian Pet. for Waiver - High-Cost USF
02.29.08 Emergency Motion for Stay re LNP
02.22.08 Petition for Review re LNP
02.25.08 Comments re Saddleback Comms.-USF Filing Requirements
02.25.08 Comments re Gila River-USF Filing Requirements
02.22.08 Motion For Stay Pending Judicial Review
02.19.08 Jt. Comments re Embarq Petition for Forebear
02.19.08 Jt. Comments Feature Group IP Petition to Forbear
02.19.08 Comments re Universal Service Filing Deadlines
02.19.08 Comments re Universal Service Filing Deadlines
02.19.08 Reply Comments re Commercial Mobile Alert System
02.13.08 Comments re Net Neutrality
02.12.08 Reply Comments re Video Programming - Tying Arrangements
01.18.08 Comments on Applications in LMDS re Waiver Request
01.16.08 Reply Comments re Access Traffic Simulation
01.04.08 Comments re Video Programming-Tying Arrangements