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12.19.11 Joint Motion For Waiver of Page Limit re: WC 10-90 et. al
12/16/11 NTCA et al., Comments in support of Blanca Tel's Pet for Recon re roaming, WT 05-265
12.08.11 Petition for Review re USF & ICC Reform Order, USCA 4th Cir.
12.05.11 Reply Comments re Cramming, CG 11-116, 09-158, CC 98-170
12.05.11 Comments on State of Mobile Wireless Competition, WT 11-186
11.28.11 JT Comments - Copyright: Designation of Agent to Receive Notice of Infringement, RM 2011-6
10.06.11 Jt. Comments on Vaya Telecom Petition re LEC-To-LEC VoIP Traffic Exchanges, CC 01-92
10.03.11 Comments re Enhanced 911 Location Accuracy Requirements For Wireless Services,GN 11-117, et
09.30.11 Reply Comments re Acceleration of BB Deployment re Rights of Way, WC 11-59
09.26.11 Jt. Comments re Regional Sports Network Marketplace, MB 11-128
09.06.11 Jt. Reply Comments re Further Inquiry re USF & ICC reform, 10-90, et al
09.06.11 Joint Comments re Section 706, GN 11-121
09.02.11 Reply Comments re Further Inquiry re Lifeline/Link Up Reform, WC 11-42, et al.
08.30.11 Jt. Reply Comments re Direct IP-IP Interconnection, Petition of TWTC, WC 11-119
08.24.11 Comments in the Matter of Further Inquiry Into Certain Issues in the USF-ICC Proceeding
07.29.11 ICC & USF Consensus Framework Ltr, CC 01-92, et al.
07.18.11 Comments re Acceleration of Broadband Deployment, WC 11-59
07.08.11 Jt. Comments re CALM Act, MB 11-93
06.22.11 Reply Comments re USAC's Request for Guidance re Text Messaging Revenues, WC 06-122
06.08.11 JT Comments re Video Competition in the Market, MB 07-269
06.06.11 Comments USAC's Request for Guidance re Text Messaging Revenues, WC 06-122
05.27.11 Joint Comments re Retransmission Consent Rules, MB 10-71
05.26.11 JT Comments on "Need For Speed" of BB Service, CG 09-159
05.23.11 JT Reply Comments re USF & ICC Reform, WC 10-90, et al
05.19.11 Comments re Spectrum Tribal Lands, WT 11-40