2014 Federal Filings

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12.23.14 NTCA files reply comments to opposition to deny petitions in Comcast/Time Warner proceeding, MB 14-57
12.22.14 NTCA, NECA, ERTA and WTA file comments on speed latency testing, WC 10-90
12.22.14 NTCA, NECA and WTA file reply comments to USTelecom Forebearance Petition, WC 14-192
12.09.14 NTCA files comments on APCO-NENA-Industry agreement on roadmap for E-911 location accuracy, PS 07-114
12.08.14 NTCA files comments on TracFone Lifeline Petition, WC 11-42
11.17.14 NTCA files Reply Comments on text-to-911 FNPRM, PS 11-153 and 10-255
11.03.14 NTCA and URTA reply to oppositions to Erate, WC 13-184
10.27.14 NTCA files response to NTIA RFI on comprehensive network solutions
10.27.14 NTCA comments to NTIA on proposed interpretations of the FirstNet enabling legislation
10.10.14 NTCA Comments on NIST's RFI re critical infrastructure cybersecurity framework
09.30.14 NTCA Reply Comments on Erate FNPRM, WC 13-184
09.29.14 NTCA Comments on Mediacom Petition for Rulemaking, RM 11728
09.29.14 NTCA Muni Preemption Reply Comments, WCB 14-115 and 14-116
09.18.14 NTCA files Reply Comments on E-rate ESL, CC 02-6 et al
09.17.14 NTCA and URTA file Petition for Clarification/Reconsideration of Rural Urban Definition, WC 13-184
09.15.14 NTCA files Reply comments on Net Neutrality 2014 NPRM, GN 14-28
09.15.14 NTCA files Comments on E-Rate FNPRM, WC 13-184
09.11.14 NTCA files Comments on Texas RLECs Petition for Limited Waiver, WC 10-90 et al
09.11.14 NTCA files Comments on Wilkes Telephone Petition for Limited Waiver, WC 10-90 et al
09.08.14 Rural Associations file Reply Comments in CAF FNPRM proceeding, WC 10-90
09.04.14 NTCA, WTA, ERTA and NECA file Joint Comments on Tenth Broadband Progress NOI, GN 14-126
08.29.14 NTCA files Muni Preemption Comments, WCB 14-115 and 116
08.25.14 NTCA files Petition to Deny Comcast TWC merger, MB 14-57
08.20.14 Rural Associations file Comments on Comparable Benchmark for Broadband Service, WC 10-90
08.20.14 NTCA files Reply Comments on T-Mobile's Petition for Declaratory Order, WT 05-265