2014 Federal Filings

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08.18.14 NTCA files comments supporting NTCH petition, RM 14-105, WT 05-265
08.14.14 NTCA-NECA-ITTA-ERTA-WTA-FR-WIN ICC Petition for Waiver Reply Comments, WC-10-90 et al
08.08.14 Rural Associations file Comments in CAF NPRM proceeding, WC 10-90 et al
08.08.14 NECA, NTCA, ERTA and WTA file Petition for Clarification-Reconsideration of 100 percent overlap rule, WC 10-90 et al
08.04.14 Rural Associations Petition for Reconsideration of Local Rate Floor Method, WC 10-90 et al
07.31.14 NTCA files PRA comments on revisions to ETC certification, WC 10-90 and 05-337
07.31.14 NTCA files opposition to ACA and NCTA Petition for Reconsideration on CAF Phase II challenge process, WC 10-90
07.28.14 NTCA files Comments on Texas ILECs Petition for Expedited Treatment for Limited Waiver of Section 51.917(c), WC 10-90 et al
07.28.24 NTCA files Comments on GVTC Petition for Expedited Treatment for Limited Waiver of Section 51.917(c), WC 10-90 et al
07.18.14 NTCA files comments on Net Neutrality NPRM, GN 14-28
07.14.14 NTCA Reply Comments on Third FNPRM on E-911, PS 07-114
07.10.14 NTCA files Comments on T-Mobile Petition for Declaratory Ruling, WT 05-265
07.08.14 NTCA files Reply Comments to VCXC HD Voice Petition for NOI, GN 13-5
07.07.14 NTCA, NECA, ITTA, ERTA, WTA, Frontier and Windstream file Emergency Petition, WC 10-90 et al
06.26.14 NTCA Comments on FNPRM re rules related to retransmission consent, MB 10-71
06.23.14 NTCA Reply Comments on Competitive Bidding Prodedures for Auction 97, AU 14-78
04.21.14 NTCA files Reply Comments in E-Rate Modernization, WC 13-184
04.14.14 Rural Associations' file Reply Comments in Rural Broadband Experiments FNPRM
04.07.14 NTCA files Comments on E-rate modernization, WC 13-184
04.04.14 NTCA files Comments on text-to-911 FNPRM, PS 11-153
03.31.14 NTCA Reply Comments on INS IP Trial, GN 12-353 and 13-5
03.31.14 NTCA, NECA and ERTA file joint comments on rural broadband experiments FNPRM, WC 10-90
03.31.14 NTCA files Comments on report on FCC process reform, GN 14-25
03.21.14 NTCA Comments on Competition in Delivery of Video Programming, MB 14-16
03.21.14 NTCA Comments on INS CEA service-based experiment, GN 13-5 and 12-353