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12.31.15 NTCA files Opposition to NASUCA Petition for Recon. re backup power, PS 14-174
12.16.15 RWA and NTCA joint bidding eligibility comments in support of Blooston Rural Carriers Petition for Reconsideration, AU 14-252 et al
12.01.15 ATVA files Comments on Retransmission Consent NPRM, MB 15-216
12.01.15 NTCA files Comments on Retransmission Consent NPRM, MB 15-216
11.12.15 NTCA Reply to Responses to Petitions to Deny Merger of Charter, TWC BHN, MB 15-149
11.06.15 NTCA Reply Comments on DSTAC Report, MB 15-64
10.30.15 Rural Representatives file PRA comments on Lifeline and Link Up Reform and Modernization
10.28.15 Networks for Competition and Choice's Opposition to Broadcasters' Request for Extension of Comment Period in Retransmission Consent Proceeding, MB 15-216
10.26.15 Rural Associations Comments on FNPRM re Copper Retirement. GN 13-5, WC 05-25
10.19.15 NTCA-WTA-JSI Reply to Opposition to CTIA Pet. for Recon on CPNI, WC 11-42 et al
09.30.15 NTCA and JSI Joint Reply on Second FNPRM on Lifeline Reform, WC 11-42 et al
09.28.15 JSI, NTCA and WTA Reply to Pet. for Recon filed by Wireless ETC, WC 11-42 et al
09.28.15 NTCA Reply Comments on 100 Percent Overlap, WC 10-90
09.15.15 Rural Associations Comments on 11th Broadband Progress NOI, GN 15-191
09.01.15 NTCA Reply to Halstad Tel Co. Petition for Recon, WC 10-90, 14-259
08.31.15 NTCA Comments on Lifeline Second FNPRM, WC 11-42 et al
08.28.15 NTCA Comments on 100 percent overlap, WC 10-90
08.21.15 NTCA Comments on Video Competition, MB 15-158
08.12.15 NTCA Nominates Feiss to USAC Board of Directors, WC 96-45 and 97-21
08.05.15 NTCA Comments on Open Internet Small Business Exemption, GN 14-28
07.31.15 NTCA Reply Comments to NPRM re Network Outage Reporting System, PS 15-80, 04-35
07.27.15 NTCA and Rural Representatives Joint Comments on FirstNet Draft RFP
06.29.15 NTCA files Comments on State of Mobile Wireless Competition, WT 15-125
06.26.15 NTCA Reply Comments on CSRIC IV, PS 15-68
06.22.15 FCC Ex Parte-NTCA and NECA meet with T. Litman re IntraMTA wireless traffic disputes, WC 14-228