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06.24.15 FCC Ex Parte-Rural Group Model Letter, WC 10-90
06.15.15 NTCA Reply Comments on Pole Attachment Cost Allocator, WC 07-245, GN 09-51
06.10.15 NTCA Comments on NTIA and RUS Notice on Broadband Opportunity Council (BOC)
06.04.15 NTCA comments on NTIA proposed interpretations of terms
05.21.15 Joint RWA-NTCA DE-Competitive Bidding Rule Reply Comments, WT 14-170 et al
05.21.15 NTCA Comments on LNP Transition Plan, WC 07-149 et al
05.14.15 Joint RWA-NTCA DE-Competitive Bidding Rules Comments, WT 14-170 et al
05.11.15 CCA and NTCA Joint Opposition to BRETSA Location Accuracy Pet. for Recon., PS 07-114
05.11.15 Rural Associations Reply to Oppositions to Petition for Recon_Clarification of E-Rate Modernization 2nd R_O, WC 13-184, 10-90
04.28.15 NTCA Comments filed with NTIA in response to FirstNet's Second Notice
04.24.15 NTCA Comments on Commpliance Group's Petition for Decl. Ruling, WC 06-122
04.21.15 NTCA Reply Comments on NPRM re 911 reliability, PS 14-193, 13-75
04.13.15 NTCA Reply Comments re CAF Phase II LoCs, WC 10-90 and 14-259
04.06.15 NTCA Reply Comments on Advanced Telecommunications NOI, GN 14-126
04.01.15 NTCA Reply Comments to NPRM re definition of MVPD, MB 14-261
03.13.15 RWA-NTCA Incentive Auction Reply Comments, AU 14-252
03.18.15 NTCA Comments on 911 Governance and Accountability and Improving 911 Reliability PS 14-193 and PS 13-75
03.11.15 The Associations file Reply Comments in IntraMTA Rule Proceeding, WC 14-228
03.09.15 NTCA Reply Comments on Backup Power, PS 14-174 et al
03.06.15 NTCA Reply Comments on Competitive Bidding Rules NPRM, WT 14-170 et al
02.27.15 NTCA files reply re Lennon Telephone Co. Application for Review, WC 10-90, 14-259
02.20.15 RWA-NTCA Incentive Auction Comments, AU 14-252, GN 12- 268
02.23.15 NTCA Reply re Limited Waiver Petition re LoC, WC 10-90,14-58 and 14-259
02.20.15 NTCA Comments on Competitive Bidding Rules NPRM, WT 14-170 et al
02.09.15 NTCA files comments on NIST's draft report on small business information security guidlines