The Answer for Rural Broadband Has Been Here All Along: Community-Based Telecommunications Providers Are the Solution Photos

Every day, independent, community-based telecommunications providers deliver reliable, advanced communications services to consumers in the most sparsely populated pockets of rural America. As carriers that serve areas long ago left behind by larger companies, rural broadband providers are overcoming obstacles and harnessing innovation to deploy the latest technologies to rural consumers who are hungry for more.

But while Washington works to keep up with rapid technological change, rural America is at risk of being left behind in the transition to IP-based networks if mechanisms that enable this transition can’t keep up. Rural consumers need support for communications that will stand the test of time, not rules that were written for the telephone era.

POLICYMAKERS: Community-based carriers have been the most effective answer for rural communications problems for decades. Give them the tools to keep solving problems in a broadband world. Adopt targeted and carefully tailored updates to the support system for small, community-based providers that deliver rural broadband so that all consumers can have sustainable and affordable access to advanced communications and participate in our global marketplace.

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