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Jan 15 2016

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All Roads Lead to Iowa


Watching presidential debates in Washington, D.C., is like a sport, and I usually settle myself in with a big bowl of popcorn and talk to the television during the debates—Democrat or Republican. I’m an equal opportunity “talker backer” during debates! I also marvel at how many campaign robocalls I have flashing on my answering machine when I get home from work (who do they think is actually at home at 11 a.m. on a Thursday?). And then I think of our friends who are in Iowa and New Hampshire, where every four years their lives have somewhat of a circus air to them with candidates parking in the state for months and touring around in buses and at county fairs. I’m only hoping that they are able to monetize the campaign through advertising dollars on their cable networks.

However, NTCA Vice President Doug Boone, CEO of Premier Communications in Iowa, has wisely made being an Iowa resident one more step in the advocacy ladder, and has made the most of the candidates being willing to make their way to the northwest corner of the state and spend some time in the high-tech arena. Recently, Doug and his son, Ryan, had the chance to have Senator Ted Cruz drop in at the company headquarters, and it sounds like Sioux Center is also going to be hosting Donald Trump in the near future. Getting folks thinking sooner rather than later about rural broadband as a key policy for our entire country is always a good thing, regardless of their political affiliation.

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