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Mar 12 2017

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Can It Be True, NU?

Northwestern University is known for many things…being the only private school in the Big 10, having a beautiful campus on Lake Michigan, a student body that is diverse and yet best known for those who made their way into the entertainment, science innovation or journalism arena. Sports? Not so much. Which is why it was such a treat to have the Big 10 basketball championship played out here in Washington DC and for me to be able to see my beloved Wildcats play in person in the midst of their first run to make it to the NCAA basketball tournament…ever! Even Alumni Steven Colbert had to take a minute to gloat during his monologue this weekend and Julia Louis Dreyfus, fellow alumni and roomie of one of my friends while at NU, and basketball player mom, showed up for both games played here in DC.

Don has managed to sneak off a few afternoons this week to watch his Michigan wolverines play. Nice work break and a great story as the team came in after a wild airplane slide off the runway with the gusty Midwest winds last week. Their accident happened the day after it took us 3 tries to land in Des Moines so maybe I should have been even more anxious about that final landing. On Saturday, we had the rare coincidence of having Michigan and Northwestern both play – but not against one another right here in Washington DC – so how could we not buy tickets and head over to the Verizon Center? We had a great adventure but one of us ended up with a nice win (and that included the entire Big 10 Tournament win today) and one of us saw a slight return to the Northwestern Mildcats play…but I still cheered my heart out and sang the fight song in spite of being surrounded by Wisconsin fans.

But hope springs eternal and I am confident that Northwestern will receive its first bid to the NCAA later today and I will continue to loyally cheer them on!

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