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Category Archive: Broadband

Aug 15 2017

Got to Love Sioux Falls!

    I am traveling back from the Regional Conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this week.  The location is ideal given the key leadership role that Senator Thune, local boy gone to Washington, has played in communications policy and his continued active engagement in meeting the challenge of rural broadband deployment.  One of the …

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Aug 11 2017

FirstNet Update and Call for Action

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) announced March 30, 2017, that it had reached an agreement with AT&T to build, operate, and maintain the nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN). That announcement was huge and finally unleashed the opportunity for carriers to act to ensure that their assets and interests were at the table.  AT&T is …

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Aug 02 2017

Create Your Own Action Plan for Rural Broadband Month

As I shared yesterday, rural broadband now has its own month of celebration, attention, focus thanks to the FCC’s decree, so NTCA will do our part to keep the celebration going all month long!  What’s not to love about a recognition of how critical rural broadband infrastructure is to the economic development, public safety, education, healthcare and …

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Jul 27 2017

Talking Rural Broadband with USDA

USDA was hopping today with a meeting on rural prosperity down one end of a hallway and a meeting that Tom Wacker and I had with Anne Hazlett, the new Rural Development Assistant to the Secretary down another. We were also joined in the meeting by Jannine Miller who has joined USDA as the Senior …

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Jul 25 2017

Another Broken Toe, Another Regional Meeting….

Maybe I should have been blessed with more coordination, or maybe with smaller feet….either way, this past weekend saw me again knocking into something that was strong than my toes and another one of my phalanges has paid the price.  I know that phalange is the medical term for toe since I have now had …

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Jul 23 2017

In a Security State of Mind

I’ve been thinking a lot about security lately.  Maybe it’s just the state of the world, maybe it’s with our terrific regional meeting sessions on cybersecurity, maybe it’s because of my trying to get up to speed for my role on CSRIC and combine all of that with my youngest daughter, Kelsey, and her Johns …

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