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Jun 25 2017

My First CSRIC Adventure

When FCC Chairman Ajit Pai began his efforts to establish various task forces to work through critical issues, I will not lie, I was really hoping to be placed on one of his Broadband Deployment Advisory Council working groups.  I’m very passionate about rural broadband deployment and really knew I could hit the ground running …

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Jun 20 2017

Underfunded USF Support Will Stop Rural Broadband Investment

What is now becoming clearly the draconian impacts of the USF’s budget mechanism control on the high cost fund will have numerous opportunities to be shared this week as I had the chance to tell the story of rural broadband providers and the challenges they face trying to continue to build broadband in rural markets …

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Jun 09 2017

White House Concludes Infrastructure Week

While there were a number of exciting national developments in the news this week, NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association was particularly focused on the week having been designated as Infrastructure Week.  With numerous high level meetings and discussions, it was gratifying to hear that broadband is near the top of that list for many key policymakers. …

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Jun 06 2017

“Broadband is #1 Infrastructure Issue in this Country”

So noted Congresswoman Blackburn, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee that oversees telecommunications. That was music to the ears of rural broadband providers in the state of Tennessee at their statewide meeting today in Franklin. The Congresswoman had spoken to NTCA’s membership at our spring L&P meeting and graciously agreed to continue the …

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Jun 03 2017

Sharing Rural Broadband Stories with RFD TV

Laura Withers, our communications queen at NTCA, orchestrated RFD TV coming over to our offices to talk about rural broadband.  RFD-TV is an American cable and satellite tv channel that is owned by Rural Media Group and is devoted to rural issues and concerns.  How fitting then to have a discussion on rural broadband, the …

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Jun 01 2017

Dire Prospects for Rural America?

The Wall Street Journal and Politico both ran stories this week that highlight some of the current landscape for rural America and the stories did not paint a rosy picture. What was almost most interesting to me was how this WSJ story, in particular, resonated with our members since I received links to the story …

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