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Category Archive: Health Care & Safety

May 19 2015

Trustees on Wall Street

I’ve been in NYC the past two days for our Retirement & Security Program and Savings Plan meeting with our trustees as we work through a robust agenda reviewing current investment results, the financial status of our programs, and the continued impact that low interest rates and market challenges from 2008 have had on these critical programs. The …

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May 12 2015

Aging in Place—Close and Personal

After spending the weekend in Ann Arbor, we headed out to western Michigan to visit my folks. Along the way, we passed the service territories of at least two NTCA member telcos and a lot of blueberry bushes. My mother just had back surgery and was in rehab, so it was a perfect time to …

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Apr 22 2015

Topics of the Day: Smart Agriculture and Call Completion

Smart agriculture and the role that broadband plays in delivering new technologies was the discussion of the day  up on Capitol Hill as our Foundation for Rural Service and NTCA’s Smart Rural Community programs hosted a summit, “Smart Agriculture: Broadband Technology at Our Nation’s Farms.” Mark Lewellen, manager of spectrum advocacy for John Deere, gave a …

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Apr 16 2015

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport: I Know You Well

Atlanta airport three times in three days? Is it a bad thing to know where all of the best coffee stops, snack bars and bathrooms are? Likely, but I am finding humor in using every terminal but terminal A this week. It’s the little things that amuse me at this point! I am heading back …

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Apr 15 2015

Continuing Adventure to Find Scope, Scale and Partnerships

Day 2 in Monroe, Louisiana (correctly pronounced Monroe, as in the president), and Mike Romano and I had Max Huffman, CEO of INDATEL, join us for some discussions with key members of the CenturyLink team as we continued discussions and brainstorming on creative ways to bring broadband to rural Americans. We spent three hours kicking …

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Apr 06 2015

FirstNet Out in the States

Last week at the South Carolina Telecom Association meeting, I was really impressed to see a representative from FirstNet, the first nationwide public safety network effort, on the program. The discussions with FirstNet are critical to have on the state level, and nothing promotes that connection like the FirstNet team actually coming out to the …

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