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Category Archive: Management & Leadership

Dec 15 2016

Telehealth Focus Yields Great Discussion

Senator Capito from West Virginia may have “been in the dark” in our ballroom today over at the Westin as we—and the Foundation for Rural Service as well as our Smart Rural Community program—hosted a session on telehealth, “Rural Health at a Digital Crossroads: Improving Care With Telehealth” at the conclusion of our TEPS conference. …

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Dec 13 2016

Talking Policy In D.C.

We kicked off our Telecom Executive Policy Summit here in D.C. today with 130 of our members from across the country coming to our nation’s capital to hear the latest post-election results and as we all ponder next steps with a new Congress and Administration. I had the chance to “interview” Commissioner Clyburn on her …

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Dec 11 2016

Learning From History

While I don’t have the stomach (yet) to pay the per-ticket price that Hamilton tickets are going for on New York’s Broadway, I thoroughly enjoyed Ron Chernow’s biography that he had written a few years about one of our key founding fathers, upon which this hit show was based. In the spirit of often finding …

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Dec 06 2016

Succession Planning, Leadership Training and the Worthy Investment It Is

Maybe it was hitting this stage of my life, of my career, of having young professional children of my own, or maybe it is the pace of the communications industry and our need as a trade association to think about how we help our members stay one step ahead. Maybe it was finding an impressive …

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Dec 06 2016

North Dakota Dreamin’

I do check the weather pretty consistently before I travel, and I am pretty sure that while I saw very cold temps for North Dakota (and chose to bring my big dog-walking parka instead of a “cute” D.C. coat), even I did not anticipate the near white-out conditions when I landed in Bismark, N.D., earlier …

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Dec 02 2016

What’s Not to Love About a Rural-Focused Entrepreneur?

Remember when NTCA met in Boston last year? One of our keynoters hit the stage and all 1,500 folks in the room thought for sure he was a college student who had lost his way to class at Harvard instead of a young entrepreneur from Nebraska. (He actually is still a college student, but in …

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