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Category Archive: Net Neutrality

Jun 14 2016

Net Neutrality Rules Stand

Today was a long-awaited day in the telecom circles as the United States Court of Appeals upheld the FCC’s net neutrality decision. NTCA has serious concerns about some of the ways in which the FCC has sought to expand and apply certain Title II regulations to broadband. Our hope is always that policies find a …

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Apr 08 2015

Cherry Blossoms and Telecom Policy

First, in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t take this beautiful picture—although I did try when my cab was whizzing by the Tidal Basin earlier today. The blossoms are just beginning their burst, and the skies are certainly a great deal grayer out here in our nation’s capital today. The fuss over Cherry Blossoms was …

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Mar 18 2015

Net Neutrality: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Rural Broadband?

Open Internet and net neutrality are terms that have put the communications industry and consumer groups in a tizzy, particularly following the recent vote on the FCC’s open Internet order just a few short weeks ago. Given the importance of the discussion, along with the complexity of it, NTCA has made an attempt to boil down a …

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Mar 13 2015

The Hottest Read in Town

Yesterday morning, just as our team was in the airport getting ready to return from RTIME back to our office, the FCC released what has got to be the “hottest” read in town this week—the nearly 400-page Open Internet order. Thankfully, the email was received prior to us boarding our flights, but it was clear …

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Feb 26 2015

Big Day in D.C.

Today was a pretty big day on the D.C. activity front with an open meeting at the FCC that saw a historic vote on open Internet rules and on the FCC’s ability to pre-empt state laws on muni entry. Yesterday’s blog explained our thoughts on where we have been and where we are going on …

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Feb 25 2015

Net Neutrality: Looking Back and Getting Ready for Many Months Ahead

It’s big news in the telecom policy world (and even beyond) that the FCC is poised to vote this week on an order that would, if approved, fundamentally change the rules that govern broadband. Taking a step back, it’s interesting to see where we started and where we are now on the eve of this …

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