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Apr 14 2017

IP Vision Rocked – Make Sure Your Team Has Their 2018 Calendar Marked!

I might be a tad challenged at programming my new Smart TV but that doesn’t mean that I don’t keep a close eye on technology trends. It’s one of the reasons I think that the agenda for our IP Vision meeting is so critical. This year’s IP Vision Conference & Expo looked at the intersection …

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Mar 17 2017

Preparing for NTCA Rural Broadband Providers to “Take the Hill” in Pursuit of Better Delivery of Voice and Broadband for Their Customers

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association and our members have been leading the charge over the past several years in seeking changes to the Universal Service Fund (USF) programs that will enable better delivery of voice and broadband to consumers in rural America. In 2012 and 2014, we filed petitions to address the punitive “rate floor” policy …

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Dec 15 2016

Telehealth Focus Yields Great Discussion

Senator Capito from West Virginia may have “been in the dark” in our ballroom today over at the Westin as we—and the Foundation for Rural Service as well as our Smart Rural Community program—hosted a session on telehealth, “Rural Health at a Digital Crossroads: Improving Care With Telehealth” at the conclusion of our TEPS conference. …

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Dec 13 2016

Talking Policy In D.C.

We kicked off our Telecom Executive Policy Summit here in D.C. today with 130 of our members from across the country coming to our nation’s capital to hear the latest post-election results and as we all ponder next steps with a new Congress and Administration. I had the chance to “interview” Commissioner Clyburn on her …

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Sep 28 2016

RUS Administrator Shares Thoughts With NTCA

Brandon McBride, the RUS administrator, was gracious in carving out time in his busy schedule to come to Indy to talk with our members this morning as we concluded our Fall Conference. I have always appreciated the constructive relationship we have with Brandon and his team, and that was further exemplified by the RUS consulting …

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Sep 28 2016

An Engaged Membership + A Fabulous Staff = A Great Fall Conference!

  We ended our Fall Conference in Indianapolis on a very high note this morning. We started off with our Foundation for Service leadership and team reminding our members what a constructive role the foundation plays in telling the rural story and in ensuring that rural America has the tools for innovation. Grants, congressional field …

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