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Category Archive: Policy

Apr 25 2017

Broadband Vouchers Won’t Help Rural America Connect

A few weeks ago, the Daily Yonder, a rural oriented publication (which I actually do read!) had posted a story from a former FCC staffer who shared his take that broadband vouchers were, among other initiatives, the way to build rural broadband networks. I took offense at that suggestion after my 30 plus years in …

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Apr 23 2017

White House Innovation

President Trump recently announced the creation of the establishment of the White House Office of American Innovation (OAI) and that this initiative will be headed up by Jared Kushner. Taking advantage of that open door, NTCA immediately sent a letter to Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the President, to share our perspective. Those of you …

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Apr 12 2017

Sharing Thoughts with the USDA Transition Team

Tom Wacker and I headed over to USDA today to meet with folks at RUS and those involved in the Trump Administration as they look to set the course at USDA for the new administration. We spent time walking through NTCA’s membership – who they are, where they serve and the challenges they face serving …

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Apr 11 2017

Senators Fischer and Klobuchar Lead Bipartisan Message to FCC on Rural Broadband – More Than Half of the U.S. Senate Responds!

When NTCA members came to Washington DC a few weeks ago, their mission was to share the continued challenge of providing affordable and comparable broadband service to rural Americans and the need for ensuring that the ongoing USF reform is done correctly for the benefit of consumers who need better broadband at reasonably affordable rates …

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Apr 09 2017

Congressional Action on Broadband Privacy – What Does it Really Mean?

Recent Congressional action to override Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules governing broadband customer information has caused some customers to be concerned that their personal information will now be sold to the highest bidder. But a more careful look at the facts is important to understand the impacts of these recent actions. To begin with, the …

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Apr 09 2017

Talking Communicators

Thanks to Laura Withers, head of our Communications team, I had the chance last week to film a segment of the Communicators’ series with C-Span today up on Capitol Hill. The series is devoted to current thinking from folks in the communications arena who have a perspective on the intersection with the public policy arena. …

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