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Category Archive: Policy

Mar 02 2017

Senator Thune Is a True Rural Leader

As I noted, yesterday was a big day for NTCA. We were asked to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on the importance of broadband and why it should be included in any infrastructure package that moves through Congress. While I was ready for my “big pitch”, that was hardly necessary as Senator Thune from …

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Jan 23 2017

Why Political Engagement Matters

I think I literally smiled out loud at this photo that Kevin McGuire, former Hancock Rural Telecom (now NineStar) employee, former NTCA employee and current ETC1 key employee had sent along with himself and Darrell Thomas, on the now-NineStar board and former TECO board member from Indiana at a then-TECO (now NTCA Rural Broadband PAC) …

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Jan 18 2017

Cassie Hard at Work

Cassie has the laptop out and is hard at work these days. She’s got to earn her dog bones, just like the rest of us! I figured that she’s working on any one of the following items: 1) Checking the transition team sites to see if President-elect Trump has made his last Cabinet selection with …

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Jan 18 2017

A Consensus in Support of Small Business Concerns, but no Action …Yet

It was gratifying to see a statement from FCC Commissioner Clyburn yesterday afternoon lamenting the fact that the “enhanced transparency rules” that everyone seems to agree represent a real burden on small business broadband providers nonetheless took effect today. Taken along with statements and letters put out previously by Commissioners Pai and O’Rielly, there is …

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