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Category Archive: #ruraliscool

Jul 16 2017

“Make the Dirt Talk”

What a treat it was on Friday to reconnect with Billy Tiller, former board member for Five Area Telephone Cooperative in Muleshoe, Texas, who served on the board when he was right out of school for 12 years – during some really informative times in this industry. Billy then went on to not only run …

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May 25 2017

Is This Heaven?

Nope…it’s Iowa. However, this is what I saw as I drove the county highways last night between Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Sioux Center, Iowa: Yes, that is correct….black, dark, the white lines on the edge of the highway and few critters that thankfully stayed off the road. Google maps and I had a chat …

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Dec 06 2016

North Dakota Dreamin’

I do check the weather pretty consistently before I travel, and I am pretty sure that while I saw very cold temps for North Dakota (and chose to bring my big dog-walking parka instead of a “cute” D.C. coat), even I did not anticipate the near white-out conditions when I landed in Bismark, N.D., earlier …

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Dec 02 2016

What’s Not to Love About a Rural-Focused Entrepreneur?

Remember when NTCA met in Boston last year? One of our keynoters hit the stage and all 1,500 folks in the room thought for sure he was a college student who had lost his way to class at Harvard instead of a young entrepreneur from Nebraska. (He actually is still a college student, but in …

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Nov 23 2016

NTCA TeleChoice Awards

NTCA is giving our members 3 reasons why you should strut your stuff with us: Creative minds are whirling and have been working hard all year long, so now is the time to “show off” a bit with NTCA’s TeleChoice Awards. Marketing products and services has never been more important in the competitive telecommunications industry, …

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Oct 31 2016

Trick or Treat

Halloween has always been a real highlight day for me—candy, trick or treaters, “The Addams Family” movies on TV, more candy—what’s not to love? Today, NTCA’s Community Affairs Committee hosted an event to celebrate the holiday for our staff, as well as to support a wonderful local organization in Arlington that supports homeless women, children …

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