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May 17 2017

Senator Cortez Masto Connects With NTCA on Infrastructure

How fitting that Leif Oveson and I were called up to meet with Senator Cortez Masto, Senate Commerce Committee member from Nevada, right in the middle of Infrastructure Week. While we had the opportunity to discuss with the Senator why broadband is such a vital component for any infrastructure proposal, we were also able to …

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May 14 2017


It may have taken nearly two years, but I finally made my way to New York City to see the Broadway sensation, Hamilton. I finally hit the point where I realized that the ticket prices weren’t really going to drop that much further and it was simply time. That coupled with a Mother’s Day adventure …

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May 12 2017

Infastructure, Infrastructure

I was able to end the week with a panel adventure on Capitol Hill at a forum hosted by the Advisory Committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus on “Broadband Infrastructure Funding: What Should The Plans Be?” I was joined by Blair Levin, well known to NTCA members as “father of the Broadband Plan” as well …

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May 03 2017

Congressman Cramer Leads Large Congressional Delegation on Rural Broadband

Congressman Cramer from North Dakota, led a bipartisan letter with 101 of his congressional colleagues to the FCC sharing the important role that broadband plays in rural America and the need for the FCC to continue to find ways to maintain and increase the deployment of high-speed broadband in rural America. Congressman Cramer took the …

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Apr 25 2017

Broadband Vouchers Won’t Help Rural America Connect

A few weeks ago, the Daily Yonder, a rural oriented publication (which I actually do read!) had posted a story from a former FCC staffer who shared his take that broadband vouchers were, among other initiatives, the way to build rural broadband networks. I took offense at that suggestion after my 30 plus years in …

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Apr 09 2017

Talking Communicators

Thanks to Laura Withers, head of our Communications team, I had the chance last week to film a segment of the Communicators’ series with C-Span today up on Capitol Hill. The series is devoted to current thinking from folks in the communications arena who have a perspective on the intersection with the public policy arena. …

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