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Category Archive: USF

Mar 02 2017

Senator Thune Is a True Rural Leader

As I noted, yesterday was a big day for NTCA. We were asked to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on the importance of broadband and why it should be included in any infrastructure package that moves through Congress. While I was ready for my “big pitch”, that was hardly necessary as Senator Thune from …

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Nov 08 2016

No Telco Left Behind

It has been clear for years that the federal high-cost USF program is underfunded. That hasn’t taken rocket science to determine. Even back in 2011 when the FCC first set a $2 billion annual target for telco USF support, it wedged “replacement” cost recovery for intercarrier compensation cuts into that budget—even though AT&T and Verizon …

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Nov 02 2016

And the Countdown Begins

As a nation, we are six days away from Election Day. Factor in early voting and the counting becomes more complicated. Either way, our nation is a bit battle weary. Add on top of that the exhaustion that NTCA’s members feel as they had a very short time period, with very limited information, to make …

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Sep 29 2016

And We Have A Date

I had a lot of time to check my emails last night, sitting in the Indianapolis airport for eight hours as we waited out thunderstorms on both ends of trying to return to D.C. after our Fall Conference in Indy. And up popped the email from the FCC announcing that they will be holding a critical …

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