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Apr 14 2017

IP Vision Rocked – Make Sure Your Team Has Their 2018 Calendar Marked!

I might be a tad challenged at programming my new Smart TV but that doesn’t mean that I don’t keep a close eye on technology trends. It’s one of the reasons I think that the agenda for our IP Vision meeting is so critical. This year’s IP Vision Conference & Expo looked at the intersection …

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Jan 05 2017

CES 2017: The Smart Cane Revolution

The following post is republished from NTCA’s blog, The Exchange, featuring dispatches from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by NTCA Vice President of Policy Josh Seidemann. For more from CES, visit The Exchange.   (Las Vegas) Although PR materials for CES indicate a four-day conference, it is preceded by a day-and-a-half of media-only programming, …

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Oct 22 2016

World Domination

Clearly the board members of AT&T and Time Warner have been locked together in a mysterious board room today based on this evening’s announcement that AT&T will be aggressively expanding beyond wireless and broadband (and telephone) as it jumps right into the programming and content world with the $85 billion purchase of Time Warner. Time Warner, …

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Oct 13 2016

Even the FCC Acknowledges Soaring Video Costs

Yesterday the FCC released its “Report on Cable Industry Prices,” which is a survey conducted by the FCC based on information provided by cable TV providers and telecom companies that provide video services to their consumers. Interestingly, this survey does not include inputs from satellite TV providers or AT&T U-verse. The results of this survey, while not …

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Jul 14 2016

FCC Backs Away From Retransmission Market Failure—What a Shame For Consumers

How very, very discouraging to see FCC Chairman Wheeler’s blog post today as he made the most disappointing decision to back away from addressing one of the most serious, regulatory-driven market failures in the communications space. The evidence is beyond obvious that antiquated rules governing transmission of broadcast networks serve only to line the coffers …

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Jun 09 2016

Policy Committees Come to D.C.

NTCA’s hard-working policy committee members traveled across the country to gather in Washington, D.C., to review current public policy objectives for the rural ILEC industry. Our Industry and Regulatory Policy, Competitive and Advanced Services, and Government Affairs Committees all met at various times during the course of this week and reviewed the current status of …

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