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Feb 02 2016

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Moving the Industry Forward

power on

In the world of advocacy, there are so many times that one spends an inordinate amount of time putting your head down and just fighting the currents, especially when you represent small, rural interests instead of the large corporate entities. You make the right arguments, appeal to best policy outcomes (i.e., more affordable broadband for rural Americans), think through the various areas of political support and then just keep going. I had long ago noted that sometimes it’s a bit like being a fish and swimming upstream. That is why several years ago (maybe in the midst of the battles of the Telecom Act passage, celebrating its 20th anniversary as law next week), my husband gave me what I call my “fishie” bracelet. It’s somewhat of a Wonder Woman wristband with fish clearly leaping to move forward. I make a point of wearing this arm jewelry on days that I know are going to be particularly tough. This week has found me wearing it every day, along with my “Rural Is Cool” bands, as a reminder that I have the privilege and honor of working for and representing the finest folks I know. Folks who every day are doing the right thing by their customers and their communities with their ongoing efforts to deploy broadband and other advanced services that really make a difference. My team and I know that what we do here at NTCA goes beyond a job. We have a duty to give these companies the visibility and sustainability they need to do the job so many of them just want to do, and we’re trying our hardest. Keep swimming!

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