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Jan 19 2015

Scope and Scale for Rural Consumers


It’s Martin Luther King Day and a poignant federal holiday. It also means that the usual business crowds on the Amtrak train to NYC is pretty sparse today (that’s a welcome treat!), as I make my way up to have some discussions with friends of mine at Verizon to broach their consideration for the role …

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Jan 16 2015

It’s About More Than Kitty Cats!


I had coffee today with a friend of mine at the FCC and while we really didn’t talk touch much on the FCC’s business at hand, she had mentioned the new display of cardboard “kitty cats” that was set up by protestors in the small grassy area adjacent to the FCC. I am sure that …

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Jan 14 2015

How Do We Stop Focusing on Building Fancier Mousetraps and Just Focus on Killing the Mice?

I had a heavy sigh last night when I received the first update from folks in the administration that President Obama was going to be giving a big policy speech today in Iowa outlining proposals aimed at promoting greater access to broadband services. The goal I like very much, but the problem is the way …

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Jan 13 2015

Senator Moran Joins the Commerce Committee

The Senate Commerce Committee is a welcomed composition of rural members of the United States Senate, and I am really looking forward to very constructive discussions ahead with members who actually understand rural America. Those conversations continued today with a meeting that Tom Wacker and I had with Senator Jerry Moran from Kansas and his …

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