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Jun 26 2015

The Definition of Consensus: ‘A General Agreement; Opinion Shared by Many in a Group’


This morning, I attended a speech that FCC Chairman Wheeler gave at the Brookings Institute on “Maximizing the Benefits of Broadband.” I chuckled when he started off the speech with “In the beginning, there was Blair Levin and the National Broadband Plan … .” Oh yes, indeed, and the road has been long and winding …

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Jun 25 2015

Senator Kaine Seeks a Center Path

Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia hosted a breakfast this morning that I was able to attend on behalf of NTCA and TECO. As a long-time resident of Virginia, I have seen Senator Kaine’s work for years in his previous role as governor prior to his congressional run. I’ve long admired the pragmatic approach he took to growing …

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Jun 24 2015

Commissioner Pai Journeys to Nebraska

Mike Romano and I had an opportunity to catch up with FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai and his legal aide, Nick Degani, over our typical fast-food lunch. Grabbing a quick bite and catching up has been a nice way to keep up with the commissioner and his priorities. It’s also a test of my capabilities in ordering …

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Jun 23 2015

Great Minds Noodle on Behalf of the RLEC Industry


This week is like the advocacy version of our Power Week with members of our Industry, Competitive Services and Government Affairs Committees all coming into town to work through some of the many complicated and critical issues on the policy table right now for the rural broadband industry. Today, the Industry Committee kicked off with …

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