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Feb 17 2017

A Career to Celebrate

Today we celebrated the bittersweet retirement of Lisa Schweitzer, who had a most successful career with NTCA and SMC. Lisa started off in our finance department many moons ago and had at least 7 promotions and additional responsibilities added to her plate over the course of time – from running our finance department to running …

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Feb 15 2017

Exploring Opportunities in the New Administration

I spent most of my morning today with the international trade group, Incompas, an entity that represents competitive carriers – from CLECs to Sprint to Google Fiber. I have worked closely with Chip Pickering, their CEO and former Member of Congress from Mississippi, as we have tried to find various ways to find common ground …

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Feb 14 2017

For Those We Love….

Who says that “boys” can’t receive flowers on Valentine’s Day? Especially when it’s the special dinosaur edition of tiny plants (which my daughter, who knows way more about these things calls succulents. I call them tiny plants). Here is the latest edition to Don’s office that also features a special box of champagne flavored gummy …

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Feb 13 2017

Wireless Continues to Need Wires….

There have been so many times over the course of the past year where I have heard some policymakers tout 5G as a possible replacement to fiber to expand broadband deployment in harder to serve areas. And I get it, folks immediately think that a wireless technology must be easier, cheap and have nearly as …

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