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May 18 2016

Cool Kids

An NTCA member shared with me this morning a story highlighting the “supersize” influence that edge providers such as Google have had on this current Administration. The article noted that Google’s top lobbyist in D.C. has visited the White House 128 times through 2015. I think we’ve made tremendous progress with the White House and …

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May 16 2016

National Infrastructure Week


Proving that there might actually be a “week” for everything, this week is National Infrastructure Week, with appropriate celebrations and government agency webcasts touting the virtues of infrastructure. I couldn’t agree more, and I think about the importance of infrastructure every time I drive over (and even under) a bridge. But when I went to …

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May 13 2016

10 Things I Love About NTCA Regional Conferences

1) The five Regional Conferences held across the country are small enough to enable great networking but large enough to have top-notch programming. We’ll be meeting in Alaska, Virginia, Utah, Wisconsin and Illinois. 2) We have Joe Candido, co-founder of Executive Crash Course, talking about “From Telco to IT Services—A New Reality for Rural Service Providers.” …

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May 13 2016

Let’s Build An Ark

Today marks something like the 17th day in a row that Washington, D.C., has seen consecutive rainfall—the longest stretch in 70 years. Frankly, I can’t seem to remember when it hasn’t been raining here anymore, and I have no idea where I put my sunglasses. They’re probably in permanent storage. It’s only noteworthy because it is …

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