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Aug 17 2016

Economic Development and Broadband Are Like Chocolate and Peanuts

We wrapped up today’s Regional Conference in Wisconsin not only comparing the upcoming seasons of the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, but also with another terrific AMAC panel discussion. Today’s “sharing” really struck a chord with me as Dennis Bachman, CEO of Citizens (New Auburn, Wis.), shared how his role sitting on a …

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Aug 14 2016

No Olympic Gold for Me

I’ll admit it: Every four years I find myself fixated on watching athletes from around the world compete on the biggest stage, and I even build my social calendar around some of the events so that I can find a television to make sure I stay caught up. Would I drive four miles to actually …

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Aug 14 2016

Go West with FRS

I can’t wait for fun pictures to post later this week as our fabulous Foundation for Rural Service sets off for the wilds of Wyoming with 19 congressional staffers in tow to see firsthand the challenges of providing high-speed access to rural Americans and the amazing job NTCA members do working through those challenges. I’m …

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Aug 11 2016

How to Give Rural America Broadband

Catchy, right? That was the title of a New York Times piece that ran earlier this week. While I skimmed the article, I kept waiting to see something that acknowledged that maybe a more robust USF program might be the answer, but then again, I knew that was a conclusion that, while pragmatic and logical, …

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