Chief Technology Officer
Job Title:
Chief Technology Officer
Company Name:
Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Job Description:

Range Telephone Cooperative is seeking a qualified Chief Technology Officer to provide oversight and direction encompassing deployed technology and overall operation of the Corporation’s switching, transport and access networks.

This position performs executive duties relating to the analysis and administration of the core network facilities and information technology (IT) assets of the Corporation. The CTO provides oversight and direction encompassing the technology deployed and overall operations of the Corporation’s switching, transport, access, IT and Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks. This position plays an integral role in the strategic direction, development, operations and future growth of the network. The CTO works closely with senior management, supervisors and employees of the Operations, Engineering, IT, and Plant Departments of the parent and subsidiary companies (Dubois Telephone Exchange, Inc., RT Communications, Inc. , Advanced Communications Technology, Inc.) to successfully implement corporate network goals.


• Responsible for the planning, design and maintenance of the Corporation’s IT and ISP networks.
• Coordinates and oversees network investments. Responsible for providing input, review, and approval of all major contracts for fiber construction, central office additions, transport and access electronics.
• Reviews and makes strategic recommendations to the CEO and Senior Management Team for network facilities improvements, strategic positioning, technological improvements or operational systems improvements by remaining current on advances in technology and proposing or implementing these improvements to current and existing network systems.
• Oversees Corporate safety goals and activities through subordinate employees and committees. Responsible for the supervision of the Corporate Safety Coordinator, and the success of the Range Family safety activities and adherence to the safety plan.
• Provides input, reviews and approves all major contracts for fiber construction, central office additions, and transport and access electronics.
• Assists personnel at the parent and subsidiary companies engaged in providing network operation and maintenance of central office switching systems and associated distribution systems, Internet and DSL systems, video transmission and distribution systems, and plant facilities, and wireless broadband systems.
• Participates in the development and coordination of network engineering practices, standards and design principles, and policies for all companies.
• Ensures performance monitoring, network alarming, testing, routing maintenance plan, emergency disaster plan, and resource management.
• Develops a methodology for network provisioning including Access Service Request (ASR) procedures, and ensuring consistency between the companies when requesting facilities.
• Coordinate a comprehensive assignment records system.
• Aligns network infrastructure to application and service strategies.
• Develop a policy for the acquisition, development, and implementation of new and existing electronic equipment and technologies within the Range Family.
• Responsible, via subordinates, managers and supervisors, to ensure that all safety practices, policies and approved methods of installation and maintenance are followed.
• Responsible for the assignment of inspection related to work performed to insure quality, timeliness and conformance to RUS specifications.
• Researches and implements or recommends new or improved methods of technological deployment and use.
• Develops and oversees the establishment and administration of technical procedures and policies as required to operate efficiently.
• Supervise and evaluate performance of the employees reporting to this position to include visual inspections of their work. Provide the tools needed for them to perform their duties in a manner consistent with telephone installation and maintenance practices. Recommend promotions and wage increases
• Directs personnel assigned to administer or comply with Federal and State Telecommunications orders and procedures.

Education and Experience:
A Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering or other relevant field is desired, PLUS  ten years of experience in the telephone industry, with five years of experience in a progressively responsible managerial, supervisory or administrative position providing comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of outside plant, central office, engineering, construction, internet and data  services, customer service, traffic, cost separations, accounting and legal and regulatory activities as related to the telephone industry required.

Send Resume, Cover Letter to:
Human Resources
POB 127
Forsyth, MT   59327

Job Location:
Forsyth, MT
Contact Information:
Mike McGregor

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