Combination Technician
Job Title:
Combination Technician
Company Name:
Arctic Slope Telephone Assn. Co-op.
Job Description:

Technician responsibilities include: performing work required in
connection with the maintenance, repair, testing, installation,
monitoring and servicing of all types of service provisioning equipment.
Work includes, but is not limited to: technologies/protocols such as
Digital and IP Central office switching, Carrier Systems, Radio
Networks, SONET, Carrier Class Ethernet Switch/Routers, TCP/IP, Optical
Add/Drop Terminals, CWDM/DWDM Terminals, MPLS, ATM, DSL equipment and
connecting telecommunications interfaces. Functions performed in
Prudhoe Bay, AK and surrounding villages in extreme arctic conditions.
ASTAC has exellent NTCA Benefits. Please review the full Job
Description @ careers tab.

Job Location:
Prudhoe Bay, AK
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