09.23.11 JT Ex Parte with WCB re Analysis of RLEC Plan & Restructure Mechanism, WC 10-90, et al


Notice of ExParte Presentation:

Connect America Fund

FCC Dockets # 10-90; 09-51; 07-135; 05-337; 01-92; 96-45; 03-109


On Behalf of Fred Williamson & Associates, Inc. (FWA), I hereby confirm that on Friday, Sept 23rd, 2011, Paul Cooper (President, FWA), Tim Morrissey

(Vice President, FWA), Mike Romano (Sr. Vice President of Policy @ NTCA) & Jeff Dupree (Vice President - Government Relations @ NECA) met with

WCB Staff members to discuss   analysis of Connect America Fund projections for four Rural ILECs and Restructure Mechanism projections for

three Rural ILECs.


09.23.11 Ex Parte with WCB re RLEC Plan Restructure.pdf