10.21.11 Ex Parte, Rural Associations met with Austin Schlick, et al., re USF & ICC

Connect America Fund, WC Docket No. 10-90; A National Broadband Plan for Our Future, GN Docket No. 09-51; Establishing Just and Reasonable Rates for Local Exchange Carriers, WC Docket No. 07-135; High-Cost Universal Service Support, WC Docket No. 05-337; Developing a Unified Intercarrier Compensation Regime, CC Docket 01-92; Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service, CC Docket No. 96-45; Lifeline and Link-Up, WC Docket No. 03-109

Today Michael Romano, on behalf of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association, together with Regina McNeil, Jeffrey Dupree, Richard Askoff and the undersigned from the National Exchange Carrier Association; Gerard Duffy representing the Western Telecommunications Alliance, and Stuart Polikoff representing the Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies ("Rural Associations") met with Austin Schlick, Julie Veach, Nandan Joshi, and Douglas Klein of the FCC Office of General Counsel and Albert Lewis, Douglas Slotten and Amy Bender of the Wireline Competition Bureau to discuss matters related to the above-referenced proceeding. Ms. McNeil, Mr. Dupree, Mr. Askoff and the undersigned participated via conference call.

The Rural Associations expressed concern that changes to the current intercarrier compensation mechanisms could result in year-over-year decreases in access recovery that are not tied to costs.



10.21.11 Rural Assoc ex parte w.Austin Schlick et al re usf_icc_final.pdf