11.29.11 Rural Reps Ex Parte re Call Routing & Termination Failures, WC 07-135, 11-39, CC 01-92

 On Tuesday, November 29, 2011, NTCA, together with WTA, OPASTCO and NECA (the “Rural Representatives”) met with Terry Cavanaugh and Margaret Dailey from the Enforcement Bureau, and Bill Dever, Richard Hovey and Rebekah Goodheart of the Wireline Competition Bureau.  The Rural Representatives discussed continuing concerns with respect to call routing and termination failures from the following proceedings, Establishing Just and Reasonable Rates for Local Exchange Carriers, WC Docket No. 07-135; Developing a Unified Intercarrier Compensation Regime, CC Docket No. 01-92; Rules and Regulations Implementing the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, WC Docket No. 11-39. 

11.29.11 Rural Reps Ex parte re call termination failures.pdf