11.20.13 FCC Ex Parte - NTCA meeting with Technology Transitions Task Force

Connect America Fund, WC Docket No. 10-90; High-Cost Universal Service Support, WC Docket No. 05-337; AT&T Petition to Launch a Proceeding Concerning the TDM-to-IP Transition; Petition of NTCA for a Rulemaking to Promote and Sustain the Ongoing TDM-to-IP Evolution, GN Docket No. 12-353; Technology Transitions Policy Task Force, GN Docket No. 13-5

On Monday, November 18, 2013, Shirley Bloomfield, Chief Executive Officer of NTCA–The Rural Broadband  Association  (“NTCA”), and Michael Romano, Senior Vice President - Policy, met with Jonathan Sallet, Jonathan Chambers, and Stephanie Weiner of the Technology Transitions Task Force regarding matters in the above-referenced proceedings.   Materials distributed during the meeting are provided with this letter.