What’s Behind Great Leadership

Often times in our leadership roles, we get bogged down by industry essentials, regulatory changes or technology struggles. It becomes imperative to our roles and to the success of our companies that we connect with our industry and professional peers to help us navigate through issues on a greater level.

Behind great leadership we have to go above and beyond the telco issues out there. We have to discuss and nurture best business practices and strategies that are important and extremely relevant for our companies. We have to be open to hearing from expert speakers, outside perspectives and learning from each other as industry peers through discussions on strategic ideas, product roll outs, management tools and practices, and leadership challenges.

That’s what the NTCA Telecom Executive Forum (TEF) is for telecom leaders like me. If you want to stand on the shoulder of giants, you have to go to where the giants are gathered. TEF isn’t just a conference, it’s a gathering for our industry giants to have critical conversations and share innovative ideas that move our industry forward.

I hope to see you all this March for a truly unique opportunity at TEF. Together, as an industry, let's get together to think big and act bigger. 

Ross Petrick is the general manager of Alliance Communications (Garretson, S.D.) 

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