A Few Questions

By Christian Hamaker

Photo of Dave OsbornDave Osborn
Chief Executive Officer
Valley Telephone Cooperative and the VTX1 Cos. (Raymondville, TX)

How long have you been CEO of the VTX1 Cos.?

I started this position in April 2005 after running our fixed wireless sister company for a year. Our companies have tripled in revenues, net income and assets since that time.

Valley is recognized as an NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association Certified Gig-Capable Provider. How have you expanded your network since that honor?

The NTCA Gig certification has greatly improved our credibility in South Texas, and we’re the only ones who offer it. Universities and medium to large-sized businesses take us more seriously now than before, and our gig base is our fastest growing customer segment. We actually deliver 5 Gbps and 10 Gbps services to our enterprise and institutional customers, and we have a proposal in front of one of our universities for 100 Gbps service from its Rio Grande Valley campuses back to Austin on our fiber transport network.

We’ve heard a lot about rural entrepreneurship lately. Tell us about an example of it in your service area.

photos of facilities

Our service areas are full of entrepreneurs. One that quickly comes to mind is Wing Champs here in Raymondville, which uses our broadband service for just about every facet of running its business. It has been very successful, and we support them any way we can. We also support the American Legion in Raymondville with heavily discounted broadband service and donations of our out-of-service laptops for new veterans to use to search for jobs and to complete online training and college degree programs. Many of these vets start businesses utilizing our broadband services.

Fast and Furious:

>> How hot is it in Raymondville, Texas, today?
Between 98 and 105 degrees—pretty average for August down here.

>> I like to stay cool by …
Duh, staying indoors with air conditioning.

>> Will former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo succeed as an NFL play-by-play man?
We’ve given up on the Cowboys. Lots of Spurs fans down here though, and they play a lot more games.

>> When it comes to slippers, are you pro or con?
We like barefoot!

>> Who would win a fight: Rocky Balboa or Gru (from the "Minions" movies)?
Rocky would crush Gru from "Minions." But Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy"—now that would be a contest for sure! I’d still put my money on Rocky.