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Awards & Recognition Programs


Certified Gig-Capable Providers

Recognized as Industry Leaders
in Gigabit Broadband

 Alabama | ArkansasColoradoIndiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | LouisianaMinnesota | Missouri

Montana | NebraskaNorth Carolina | North Dakota | South Carolina | South DakotaTennessee | Texas 

Washington | Wisconsin | Wyoming



Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (Rainsville, Ala.)



Pinnacle Communications (Lavaca, Ark.)

Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative (Texarkana, Ark.)


Philips County Telephone Co.(Holyoke, Colo.)


Endeavor Communications (Cloverdale, Ind.)

NineStar Connect (Greenfield, Ind.)


Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative (Bloomfield, Iowa)

Clear Lake Independent Telephone Co. (Clear Lake, Iowa)

Colo Telephone Co. (Colo, Iowa)

Cooperative Telephone Exchange (Stanhope, Iowa)

Dumont Telephone Co. (Dumont, Iowa)

Ellsworth Cooperative Telephone Association (Ellsworth, Iowa)

Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Co. (Moulton, Iowa)

OmniTel Communications (Nora Springs, Iowa)

Panora Communications Cooperative (Panora, Iowa)

Partner Communications Cooperative (Gilman, Iowa)

Premier Communications (Sioux Center, Iowa)

South Slope Cooperative Communications (North Liberty, Iowa) 

Stratford Mutual Telephone Co. (Stratford, Iowa)

Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association (Gowrie, Iowa)

Western Iowa Networks (Breda, Iowa)

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association (Lake Mills, Iowa)


Golden Belt Telephone Association (Rush Center, Kan.)

KanOkla Networks (Caldwell, Kan.)

Nex-Tech (Lenora, Kan.)

Optic Communications (Columbus, Kan.)

Peoples Telecommunications, LLC  (La Cygne, Kan.)

Twin Valley Communications (Miltonvale, Kan.)

Wamego Telephone Co., Inc. (Wamego, Kan.)


Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative (McKee, Ky.)

West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative (Mayfield, Ky.)


NortheastTel (Collinston, La.)


Albany Mutual Telephone Association (Albany, Minn.)

Consolidated Telephone Co. (Brainerd, Minn.) 

Garden Valley Telephone Co. (Erskine, Minn.)

Halstad Telephone Co. (Halstad, Minn.)

Paul Bunyan Communications (Bemidji, Minn.)

West Central Telephone Association (Sebeka, Minn.)


Green Hills Telephone Corp. (Breckenridge, Mo.)

GRM Networks (Princeton, Mo.)


Nemont Communications Inc. (Scobey, Mont.)



Clarks Telecommunications Co. (Jackson, Neb.)

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Co. (Jackson, Neb.)

Plainview Telephone Co. (Plainview, Neb.)

Three River Telco (Lynch, Neb.)

North Carolina

Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp. (Shallotte, N.C.)

SkyLine Membership Corp. (West Jefferson, N.C.)

TriCounty Telecom (Belhaven, N.C.)

Wilkes Communications, Inc. (Wilkesboro, N.C.)

North Dakota

BEK Communications Cooperative (Steel, N.D.)

Consolidated Telcom (Dickinson, N.D.)

Dickey Rural Networks (Ellendale, N.D.)

North Dakota Telephone Co. (Devils Lake, N.D.)

Northwest Communications Cooperative (Ray, N.D.)

Polar Communications (Park River, N.D.)

Red River Communications (Abercrombie, N.D.)

Reservation Telephone Cooperative (Parshall, N.D.)

United Communications (Langdon, N.D.)

South Carolina

West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative (Abbeville, S.C.)

South Dakota

Venture Communications Cooperative (Highmore, S.D.)


North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Lafayette, Tenn.)


enTouch Systems (Houston, Texas)

Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Raymondville, Texas)


Toledo Tel (Toledo, Wash.)


Citizens Telephone Cooperative (New Auburn, Wis.)

Cochrane Cooperative Telephone (Cochrane, Wis.)

Norvado (Cable, Wis.)

West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative (Downsville, Wis.)


RT Communications, Inc. (Worland, Wyo.)


Questions about the NTCA Gig-Capable Provider certification may be directed to





Gig Certified Logo

Use of the "Gig Certified" logo is restricted to companies that have been certified by NTCA as Gig-Capable Providers. The Gig Certified logo is designed to supplement certified companies' marketing promotions for Gigabit Internet offerings or to be used as a standalone item promoting your recognition as a Certified Gig-Capable Provider by NTCA.


The Gig Certified logo is best displayed at a width of 4 inches at 300 dpi for professional print quality (brochures, flyers, banners). The logo is still visible and can be displayed at a minimum size of 2 inches in width, however it is recommended that you display the seal as large as possible so the words and NTCA logo within it are legible. Display of the gig logo at a size smaller than 2 inches in width must be approved by NTCA because doing so could breach visual style guidelines in place for the NTCA and Gig certified logos. For answers to questions about use of the logo, contact Laura Withers.

Design files

Click to a link below to view the logo. Then right-click on the logo to save it to your computer.
You can also click here to download a zip file of all logos. (Zip file is 2.29 MB in size.)


EPS format (1.3 MB)

JPG format (1.13 MB)

PDF format (376 KB)

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Spot Color PDF format (110 KB)

Spot Color EPS format (670 KB)


For assistance with downloading the logos, contact Shawn Sample.

For assistance with logo use or formats, contact Laura Withers.


Be Recognized as an Industry Leader
in Gigabit Broadband

Become a Certified Gig-Capable Provider
with NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association

As a community-based technology provider, it’s your business to stay on the edge of what’s next. That’s why many rural telcos have taken the plunge to roll out gigabit broadband, delivering Internet speeds of up to 100 times faster than those currently available in many U.S. households.

Now it’s time to be recognized for your innovation and insight. By becoming a Certified Gig-Capable Provider with NTCA, you will join a national campaign to celebrate rural networks that support gigabit speeds and help us show the world how independent telecom providers are delivering the Internet of tomorrow—today.

Here’s How:

  • Review the certification guidelines and download the application.

  • Submit your application to NTCA.

  • Once certified, use our "Gig Certified" logo on your marketing and promotional materials to be recognized as an industry leader in gigabit broadband. (Certified companies also will receive one promotional item and be recognized in NTCA media, on the NTCA website, and during association conferences and events.)

  • Join us as we display the innovation and insight of Gig-Capable Providers all over the country.

    Get started today!


    Contact Us

    Questions about the NTCA Gig-Capable Provider certification may be directed to








    Applications may be submitted on an ongoing basis and will be reviewed by NTCA staff for compliance with the terms of this program. Certification will be awarded, and applications shall therefore be submitted, on an exchange-by-exchange basis.


  • Applicants must be an NTCA member company in good standing.

  • Certification is obtained by submitting to NTCA documentation of the following:

  • Certification that gigabit technology is currently commercially available within 95% percent of one or more exchanges, and that such service can be provided without new trenching or stringing new aerial facilities.

  • This statement must be confirmed by a letter from an engineering firm or other independent source involved in the company’s network planning, deployment or operation.


    A single $250 fee shall apply to applications filed simultaneously by a company for one or more exchanges. Only check payment will be accepted. Checks should be made payable to "NTCA."



    Certified companies will be permitted to advertise themselves as a "Gig-Capable Provider" and make use of the program’s logo, subject to NTCA review. Other promotional materials may be granted or made available to certified companies for a fee. Certified companies also will be recognized in NTCA media, on the NTCA website and during association conferences and events.


    Awards and Recognition Programs

    NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association offers several awards programs:

    The newly added Gig Certification program provides the opportunity to those who have deployed gigabit broadband to be recognized as an industry leader.

    The Excellence Awards celebrate individual excellence and are presented yearly at the Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & EXPO (RTIME). 

    The annual TeleChoice Awards honors excellence in independent telco public relations and marketing. This award program recognizes the vital role marketing and public relations plays in the telecom industry—from connecting with customers, to keeping customers informed of important issues and raising awareness of products, services and initiatives. The TeleChoice Awards entries are on display, and winners are presented at the annual PR & Marketing Conference.  

    The NTCA Retirement and Service Recognition Awards recognize managers, employees, officers and directors who have given many valuable years of service to your company, as well as those who are retiring. Order a plaque or pen set to be shipped directly to your office any time throughout the year.