Survey: 52% Consider Internet Most Important Utility Service in the Home

More than half of the consumers responding to Verizon’s Borderless Lifestyle survey indicated that their Internet service was the most important utility in their home. Additionally, the survey identified nearly 40% of respondents as “borderless consumers,” meaning that they have an Internet-connected device with them at all times.

“As the borderless consumer segment continues to grow, so will the need to identify, understand and anticipate what consumers truly want in their increasingly connected lives—today and in the future,” said Eric Bruno, Verizon’s vice president of FiOS strategy and development.

While Verizon identified borderless consumers in all demographic groups, the majority are between 18 and 34 years old. Nearly half have annual incomes exceeding $75,000. More than half (53%) are women.

Sixty percent of borderless customers and 46% of non-borderless customers consider their Internet service to be the most important utility in their home. And while streaming video is increasingly popular with certain segments of the population, the survey found that the vast majority of all borderless consumers (89%) and non-borderless consumers (90%) prefer watching television shows on their TVs.

The Verizon FiOS Innovation Index: Borderless Lifestyle Survey polled 2,292 adults aged 18 and over in early September 2012.

For more stats, see this PDF.


One Response to “Survey: 52% Consider Internet Most Important Utility Service in the Home”
  1. Mark says:

    Internet is more important than water, sewer, electricity, gas and garbage removal? Really?