Google Fiber: 100 Miles and Counting in Kansas City

The New Edge has been closely following the developments of Google’s experimental 1 Gbps fiber network the company is deploying in Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo.

In early February, Google announced that it was finally ready to start stringing fiber on utility poles throughout the city, having resolved any outstanding issues with the local utility company. This week, Google issued an update on its construction progress, announcing that its crews have already hung more than 100 miles of fiber.

John Toccalino, a manager for Google’s Kansas City fiber project, provided this basic diagram (view the image after the jump) showing the network architecture. Google is building several equipment aggregation centers — or “Google Fiber Huts” – from which the fiber cables will travel along utility poles into neighborhoods and homes. Google also is installing some fiber underground. Read more

Google Petitions for Antenna Farm

Google Fiber has petitioned the FCC to begin construction on a satellite antenna farm. Google Fiber, a subsidiary of Google, is requesting permission to place the antennas near its Council Bluffs, Iowa, data center.

Google intends to receive broadcast and other television network signals at the Iowa location, possibly to bundle them in with its high-speed fiber service.

Google announced earlier in February that it was making final preparations to begin laying in fiber from Kansas to the Missouri line. Google indicated late last year that it was contemplating adding video services to its Kansas to Missouri fiber optic service. Last Friday, Google reportedly filed franchise applications for cable distribution service in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

The plans for the satellite antenna farm call for 4.5 meter antennas to receive analog and digital audio signals, data transmissions and video signals. Google notes that it will receive both domestic and international satellite feeds.