Video OTT Offering for Telcos Announced by NECA, FlixFling

The National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc. (NECA) and over-the-top (OTT) video provider FlixFling have announced an agreement to make on demand video content available to NECA members. The announcement states that FlixFling will work with NECA members who are enrolled in the program to integrate its streaming services into carriers’ existing environments to deliver a high quality video on demand (VOD) experience directly to customers. Participating broadband providers will receive revenue shares based on monthly subscriptions and transactional purchases.

“We are very excited to offer FlixFling services to NECA members,” FlixFling CEO Thomas Ashley said in a statement. “Other over-the-top streaming services devour bandwidth and until now have not offered revenue shares; it is important for smaller companies to maintain a balance while providing great products and services to their customers.” Read more

Verizon Subscription Streaming?

It was widely reported on December 8 that Verizon was planning a Netflix-type killer service. Described as a subscription on-demand video service featuring films and television episodes, the new service started to take on additional intrigue when it was revealed that Verizon is in discussions with RedBox.

RedBox, recognized for providing a simple, user-friendly and low-cost kiosk service, also has been rumored to have a streaming service under consideration. The Verizon element adds fuel to the probability fire. Information provided by Verizon indicates that the service will be totally Internet based and will likely support Apple’s iOS platform, Android, Google TV, XBox, Roku and other streaming boxes and browsers.

If the rumors are true that launch is planned for mid second quarter 2012, Verizon will need to get busy putting TV show deals together.

For more, see this Reuters article.