VOTW: The Hybrid Electric Telecom Operator

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), brought to you by Viodi TV.

With the turmoil in the telecom industry, particularly in rural markets, Ninestar may point to one way rural providers will adjust to the new realities. According to its website, Ninestar is only one of two U.S. entities that is a combination electric-telecommunications cooperative.

In this interview at the 2011 Broadband Properties Summit, Ninestar’s CEO Tim Hills explains how their estimate of a 20% loss in Universal Service Funding was one of the drivers for the January 2011 merger of Hancock Telecom and Central Indiana Power. The smart grid was another driver, as the fiber network of the telecom provider was complementary to the electric coop’s plan.  In this interview, he talks about the opportunities this merger provides; from deploying fiber faster to deploying it on a wider-spread basis.

VOTW: Leading the Orchestra

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), brought to you by Viodi TV.

The recent announcement by Affinegy of its Home Portal v2.0 software and related announcement that Cablevision is deploying it, is further evidence of the growing importance of the converged home to service providers’ business plans. Viodi TV  caught up with Affinegy CEO Melissa Simpler at the Parks Associates Connections conference, where she discusses Home Portal v2.0.

In addition to the discovery and simplification of devices on a home network, the Home Portal v2.0 software effectively allows service providers to create personal data clouds for their customers. The Affinegy software, which identifies the devices on the home networks, serves as an orchestra leader of sorts directing the devices as to where to stream data.

VOTW: Working White Spaces

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), brought to you by Viodi TV. Darrin Mylet of Adaptrum demonstrates the company’s white space solution at the 2011 NAB show.

Using TDD OFDMA technology, tunable from 400 to 1,000 MHz, Adaptrum was able to achieve 94% efficiency on a 6 MHz television channel with aggregated data rate of 11.1 Mbps.

This is an exciting development, as Mylet suggests that the approach they demonstrated could be the, “Next Generation of WiFi.”

VOTW: Fiber for Telehealth

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), brought to you by Viodi TV.

Digging through the archives the other day, Viodi uncovered this three-part video interview from 2007 with Robert Keen. Keen is an economist by training and the president/CEO of a hospital in rural hamlet of Greenfield, Indiana. Although his talk was on board-relations, he spoke of the spiritual nature of corporations as well as the importance of local entities to a community’s vitality.

Keen explains the importance of fiber connectivity for modern healthcare. In their case, they had to reach out to an independent provider to bring fiber to their facility. He briefly touches upon some of the benefits that go beyond his hospital’s immediate incumbent needs and that positively impact the regional community. He points out that living corporate values is more than just a sign on the wall.

VOTW: United in Technology for Aging

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), courtesy of Viodi TV.

U.S. revenues from digital health technology-enabled solutions and services will triple by 2015, according to the latest research from Parks Associates. “The digital health industry has many subsectors, and near-term growth will be uneven across these segments,” said Harry Wang, director of Parks Associates’ health research team. “Adoption of chronic-care monitoring will grow slowly, and medication management and senior fall-detection programs will expand at above-average rates. The real engines of growth in this industry will be mobile care solutions and tracking applications.”

At CES 2011, Viodi TV had the opportunity to catch up with a relatively new alliance that was formed to help its members communicate their message regarding this growing sector that Parks Associates is tracking. The Aging Technology Alliance, AgeTek, consists of various vendors of products and services that provide technology-based alternatives to traditional “brick-and-mortar” patient care and monitoring. In this video interview, two of the directors of this alliance, Peter Radsliff of Presto and Laura Mitchell of GrandCare Systems, discuss the alliance and show examples of a few of their members’ products.

VOTW: Roku Serves 1 Billion Users and Counting

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), courtesy of Viodi TV.

Brian Jacquet, director of marketing for Roku, discusses who is using their product and how they got to 1 billion views and 11 hours per week of playing time per device, while speaking at the Broadband Unlimited Conference at CES 2011. Interestingly, Roku’s demographic tends to be older and less geek-like than the typical over-the-top video viewer. He also suggests that sales have increased as awareness of over-the-top video to the television has increased.

[Note: the quality level of this particular video isn’t the best, as it was filmed from the moderator’s perspective with a handheld Kodak Zi8 camera using its internal microphone.]

VOTW: The Analysts’ Views of CES 2011

And last but not least, our video of the week (VOTW), courtesy of Viodi TV. The following sound bites provide a snap shot of what Parks Associates’ analysts saw as significant at CES 2011. The connected home (including refrigerators), the smart grid and personalized video were among topics mentioned by these industry experts.

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