More on LightSquared

The FCC recently announced that it has suspended a conditional waiver that had allowed LightSquared to construct and operate a satellite-hybrid LTE network. According to published reports, LightSquared was served early last week with a notice of default. LightSquared apparently failed to make a $56.25 million payment to Inmarsat. LightSquared has 60 days to correct the non-payment.

The ruling was prompted by a report from the National Telecommunications Information Agency (NTIA) indicating that the LightSquared planned LTE wholesale network would create harmful interference with GPS devices used by the U.S. government and commercial aviation. LightSquared has maintained that the interference is due to poor design of GPS devices that allow the units to “listen in” to devices in the L-band spectrum where LightSquared intended to deploy its network. The FCC has issued a request for comment on the NTIA letter. Read more