Updates on Tesla, Xbox, Wearables and Other Interests

For lack of a better topic (and a continuing interest in certain things), submitted for your approval (or disapproval, as the case may be), here are updates on previous New Edge posts. Hyperlinks below are to previous posts on the subject.

Audi is working on a rival to the Tesla Model S. The Audi Technical Development Chief told press at the LA Auto Show that Audi is working on a vehicle that can compete with the 285 mile range of the Tesla Model S. The style of car has not been released, but one report from the auto show said it would seat up to five passengers.

Speaking of Tesla, this video shows a guy driving a Tesla from Santa Monica, Calif., to Phoenix, Ariz., to test the car’s reported range and, most importantly, Tesla’s supercharger station network. According to this page on their website, Tesla has 135 of them across the nation (map included in the link). It takes about 75 minutes to fully charge the Model S. Read more

Xbox One vs. PS4: An Update

It’s been a while since I’ve touched on the topic of Xbox One and PS4 and the whole “multimedia entertainment hub” idea. I’ve been going back and forth on which system I want to buy, but for those who may have read about my never-ending quest to buy a new TV, you know I’m not the most decisive consumer in the world.

Since their respective releases, PS4 has outsold Xbox One. According to this Forbes report, PS4 sold about a million more units than Xbox One in 2013 and PS4 sales were nearly double those of Xbox One in the United States in January 2014. Why is PS4 winning so far? I wish I had a definitive answer (since it would help me choose which gaming system to get), but this analysis of the two is consistent with most I’ve read: PS4’s graphics looks much better and it’s $100 cheaper. Read more

A Continuing Commentary on Game Consoles as Multimedia Entertainment Hubs

Continuing on the topic of game consoles, a few weeks ago I discussed the pending release of Microsoft’s Xbox One. If you’re into game consoles, you probably already know that Sony announced the release of Playstation 4 in February, due out in the fourth quarter of this year.

The war between Xbox One and Playstation 4 appears to be on. Sony announced at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 (E3 2013) that PS4 will sell for about $400 ($100 less than Xbox One expects to sell for). Playstation 4 will also allow users to play older games on their consoles, and will allow them to borrow their friends’ games, unlike Xbox One. Read more

Microsoft Reveals ‘XBox One’

After four years in development, Microsoft recently announced plans to release Xbox One. This is Microsoft’s first new game console in eight years. The company has not given an exact release date or stated the price of the new system, but it’s likely to be released in time for the holiday shopping season.

According to Microsoft, Xbox One will be much more than a game system: it’s being promoted as not just a console but an all-in-one device that funnels games, live TV, video-on-demand and even Web chat to users, allowing them to move easily between these functions. The new device is designed to interact with users’ televisions, will respond to both voice and gesture commands and will have an integrated Skype function.

Microsoft also announced a partnership with the NFL, under which Xbox One users will enjoy a number of interesting, exclusive features. Users will be able to track their fantasy football stats on screen in real time, and will be able to talk to friends during games via Skype, all on the same TV screen. Read more

XBox 360 to Offer FiOS, Xfinity On-Demand Content

As had been rumored for some time, Microsoft announced yesterday that it will expand the video content available over its Xbox Live system to pay-TV subscribers in most major markets. Microsoft has deals in place with nearly 40 entertainment providers including AT&T, Comcast and Verizon FiOS, as well as Bravo, ESPN, HBO GO and Syfy. This is in addition to the inherent gaming services and previously announced content from Hulu Plus, Netflix and Google’s YouTube which are available on the Xbox.

Pay-TV subscribers will need to authenticate in order to access the content through the Xbox system. In general, users also will need to subscribe to video and broadband services from their traditional service provider (in other words, cord cutting is not an option), and subscribe to a $60 per year Xbox Live Gold membership. (Microsoft confirmed today that only a small amount of content will be available on the Xbox without authentication and Xbox Gold status.) Read more

U-verse on Xbox 360 and Smartphone

AT&T U-verse subscribers will have the ability to access service via the Xbox 360 as of October 15.

Current U-verse subscribers may access video service after they have downloaded and installed special software onto their Xbox. New U-verse subscribers will be required to purchase an Xbox kit with the download for $99. The software will enable the Xbox to access live TV, manage and playback DVR recordings and navigate on-demand content and interactive applications. Read more

Canadian Telco Offers IPTV via XBox 360

Canada’s second largest telco Telus is allowing subscribers to its IPTV service to use a  Microsoft XBox 360 game console as a set-top box, an option which AT&T says it will offer its U-verse subscribers by year-end.

Optik TV customers can use the game console to:

  • Watch any of Optik TV’s over 400 digital channels, including over 50 in HD
  • Watch any shows they have recorded on their Optik HD PVR digital box
  • Use PVR Anywhere to record up to 3 live shows simultaneously from any room
  • Pause a recorded program in one room and pick it up from the same spot in a different room
  • Get PVR functionality from any TV when watching recorded programs – pause, replay, rewind, fast-forward.

To utilize the XBox 360 as a set-top, Optik TV subscribers must have an HD DVR from the telco. In addition, a Telus technician must visit a customer’s home to install the required software and configure each Xbox 360 for the service. Read more

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