Comcast Jumps on the Whole-home DVR Bandwagon

As expected, Comcast recently launched AnyRoom DVR. The service allows a customer to view DVR recordings on any networked set-top box in the home, and to finish watching a saved recording in one room that was started in another.

AnyRoom DVR is comprised of one HD/DVR set-top box as the primary outlet — which controls scheduling, deleting and recording settings — and up to three additional HD set-top boxes which can view and navigate within recorded content. The client set-tops connect to the central DVR using the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) specification.

The service is initially being offered in limited markets in Oregon and Washington. The primary DVR ranges from $13.95-$19.95 per month, with secondary set-tops running an average of $8 per month. The service requires a one-time activation fee of $29.95.

I posted about the whole-home DVR movement just a few weeks ago. Comcast joins the likes of AT&T, Cox, DirecTV and Mediacom which all have multi-room DVR offerings. AT&T was out in front of the crowd, launching its whole-home DVR service back in 2008.  AT&T’s service allows a user to schedule and control recording settings from any set-top box in the home. This is juxtaposed with Comcast’s new service where one main set-top box controls the recordings.

Also of note, Comcast took this opportunity to launch additional service features, most notably myDVR Manager. The application allows customers to remotely schedule and adjust their DVR recordings online, or via the Comcast Mobile App for customers with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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