Cox Launches Whole-Home DVR

Cox Communications has revamped its home entertainment experience launching a new Trio program guide, tru2way-capable Cisco set-top boxes (STBs) and the first whole home DVR-system by a nationwide cable operator. The new features will be available to subscribers who pay $5 more on top of any level of Cox Advanced TV service and subscribe to the Plus Package.

The cable provider is using tru2way-based Cisco 8642 HD/DVR and 1642 HD receivers to deploy the Plus Package and these will be used in all Cox markets, including Cox’s Motorola environments. The STBs will afford users the capability to tune frequencies above 860 MHz, where additional HD programming will be stored.

The Cisco STBs also contain a 500 gig hard drive, about three times the storage that the cable provider is offering with its current boxes. This will come in handy alongside the Cox Whole Home DVR solution, which will allow subscribers to watch and control recorded shows on any TV in the home from a single DVR unit. Up to three different recordings can be viewed simultaneously on different televisions throughout the home. Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCa) technology will drive whole-home DVR service.

Cox developed the new, on-screen program guide in partnership with Frog Design and implemented by NDS.

Cox Trio Program Guide

Cox Trio Program Guide

The Trio guide features three panels on a single screen to make content browsing easier. It also endows customers with the ability to search and browse related content across three platforms – linear airings, On DEMAND titles and DVR recordings.

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3 Responses to “Cox Launches Whole-Home DVR”
  1. Tony Rivera says:

    Is anyone paying attention to the multitude of small telco operators who have been deploying these advanced services for a year or so now?

    Our company, a full Fiber to the Home facilities-based CLEC, deployed Minerva’s IPTV Whole-Home DVR services at the start of 2010. We’re very pleased with the results and so is our customer base.

  2. Jesse Ward says:

    Tony, I believe Cox is stating it is the first nationwide U.S. cable company to offer this service. I thought this story was timely as many of NTCA’s members may compete with Cox in their service territories.

    However, small, rural telcos are clearly leaders and innovators, often times adopting new services and features before their larger, tier 1 counterparts.

    I’d love to receive press releases from your company, Mahaska Communication Group. Please add to your press list.

  3. Max Phipps says:

    We launched our IPTV system last year. We are about 2 weeks away from upgrading to enable whole home DVR. I think this will be a big seller.