Sony PS3 leads the Pack with Connected Consoles

A recent study by The Diffusion Group has determined that roughly one third of households in the United States with broadband service have a video game console connected to the Internet.  It is the opinion of some that game consoles are likely the solution of choice for delivery of mainstream over-the-top (OTT) video content.

Of the three primary game consoles sold in the United States, the study determined that the Sony Playstation 3 leads the way in terms of users connecting the consoles to the Internet.  Sony is followed closely by Microsoft’s XBox 360, with the Nintendo Wii having Internet connection in over 50% of consumer homes that have chosen that platform.The potential exists for the connected consoles to generate additional revenue for both manufacturers and content developers.  Netflix has established relationships with all three manufacturers making it available as an on-demand choice for streaming movies at home.

Developers have also spent time crafting online portals into virtual reality environments.  Online access into the gaming market is also a primary driver for staying connected to the Internet.

As a device choice for those subscribers that want to add OTT content and expand their choices, the game console may be an ideal solution for adding Internet and home computer video to the viewing experience.

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